Quiksilver Cypher Boardshorts: Solid Brah

I just returned from our annual surf trip to Puerto Rico. Even though Puerto Rico is only a hop-skip-jump away and is still part of the US, there’s always something new and unexpected during our travels. Before we left, I checked the reports, and the waves were getting big. What I didn’t know is that they were also sloppy, and that there were periods of crazy downpours to boot.

For frame of reference, the waves were crashing over the rock outcropping at Jobos (translation: some 8 foot swells). As the days went on, the weather cleared and the waves got nice and clean (see pic of Rincon).

Thankfully, I had received a few pairs of Quiksilver Cypher boardshorts to bring on the trip. Honestly, I was stoked on the boardshorts, but I wasn’t expecting anything special. They’re boardshorts, right? You pick a pair that look stylin’, drop to right below the knee, show a little plumber crack, and you hope that they don’t leave crazy rash in your private parts post-surf.

Lately boardshorts claim more crazy technology than the latest snowboard, but at the end of the day, we all pick them based on a combination of who’s riding them (like Kelly Slater or Dane Reynolds) and really on how they look. You expect to spend $30-$50 and hope that they don’t make you look like this guy (pimpin’).

The Quiksilver Cypher boardshorts provided me wrong. They’re super light, stretch like crazy and have some neat little innovative features like waterproof zipper pockets (whoa). I found them to dry quick and were durable over multiple surf sessions each day, even when I scraped them across the reef (ouch).

Quik also added items like double-closures for those big days to make sure you don’t lose your shorts (literally). This was clutch on the OH days for sure. There was a little bit of rash factor (can’t be avoided), but I’m not sure if that was from the shorts or my mild case of winter eczema. Overall the Diamond Dobby technology was super comfy. The boys were happy campers in and out of the water.

Comfort is truly king. It also helps when comfort doesn’t come at the sacrifice of some stylin’ designs and proven technology thrown into something very basic. Plus, I didn’t get vibed in the line-up. Wow! A first!

Summary: If it’s good enough for Hoon (I mean Kelly Slater), who are you to complain?

Diamond Dobby DLX
4-Way Stretch and 4-Way Stretch Panels
Welded Inseam
Double-up Closure
Roundhouse Split Seam