Travis Rice Behind the Ad

The Unique Oddities of Travis Rice

OK, not so unique but that’s a great sound bite. Regardless of good audio nuggets Travis Rice does a pretty good job of ensuring the snowboarding and non-snowboarding world walks around with their jaws dragging on the floor. One of the nice.r things is to see a guy who can haul ass like that down a mountain is given the green light to go places, film stuff and keep going back for more. I’m sure it’s to fill some deep burning passion he has for shredding or maybe it’s something else but all I care about is that it makes me want to get out and ride. Big or small terrain watching this stuff makes you want to go.

Is it a commercial for Quiksilver?

Sure is.

Do I care?

Not at all, I like the riding and their gear has been historically solid.

Plus you get more rad stuff like this

Art of Flight part from santiago moran on Vimeo.

Devun Walsh on Now

NOW Binders

I have no clue what these ride like but new concepts are good. Flow was laughed and pointed at for awhile but if you stick with it and keep innovating the idea presents itself in the right way. Would love to see how and if they provide a functional advantage on a board.

Oh yeah and they got this guy Devun Walsh in with the company now as well.

Devun Walsh on Now

Devun Walsh on Now

– Backcountry pioneer Devun Walsh has been riding the NOW IPO since day one –

WHISTLER, BC – October 9, 2012 – There are very few in the snowboard game who have earned such universal respect and status as Devun Walsh. One of the biggest names in the industry, Walsh has over 40 banger video parts to his credit filled with choker-deep powder, the biggest and baddest natural terrain, and ageless style. As king of the Whistler backcountry, Devun’s smooth style and uncanny ability to make snowboarding look fun in an age of huck and spin video-antics has made him a legend.

A backcountry rider with a skateboard-influenced style, Devun Walsh has partnered with infamous Wildcats member and long-time friend JF Pelchat by signing a deal with NOW Snowboarding which positions Walsh as a shareholder within the innovative new binding company.

“Devun is one of the most influential riders in the industry and we’re thrilled to have him on NOW,” comments JF Pelchat, inventor and founder of NOW Snowboarding. “Dev has been riding the binding since day one and has been instrumental in testing it, improving on it, and making it what it is today.”

NOW Snowboarding came to life in Pelchat’s garage six years ago when he started tweaking traditional bindings with technology borrowed from the world of skateboarding. Built around the NOW IPO hanger, the world’s first skate-influenced binding has a kingpin and bushings leveraging riders’ energy to create a smoother and more powerful ride while considerably reducing on-snow chatter and foot fatigue.

“I love the feel and control of the binding,” explains Walsh. “‎I’ve always been someone who rides a super tight binding with a big high back for control but it always hindered my tweak ability. NOW bindings have so much control that I can ride them loose and with smaller backs, it’s the best.”

With the NOW IPO hitting stores across Canada and the US and winter right around the corner, NOW is excited to have Walsh do what he does best: continue to creatively pioneer the backcountry and document the magic, so we can all be continually inspired to shred.

Make sure to check out Devun Walsh along with his DC teammates in the new DC Snow film titled Must Be Nice, releasing today, Tuesday October 09, 2012 at 11 am PST.

Welcome to the team, Dev!

A Damn Fine Blog part 1

“Depressing” is the word I would use to describe the situation. Down here in D.C. the weather has taken a seasonably warmer turn but at the same time it’s raining which leaves us stranded without the ability to skate and snowboard. Even spots that have coverage are soaking wet. Could be a momentary revolt on the part of planet earth. I’m shocked it’s taken this long. But, enough about my situation lets talk about what we missed at SIA and a damn fine blog.

Often blogs (such as this one) are nothing more than snarky comments and unfounded opinion. However, coming out of Colorado is a snowboard blog that does a top notch job on both products and reviews. First chance you get click over to Shay Boarder see what I’m talking about. Shannon the blogs creator is along time rider and in her words give a glimpse at “the world of snowboarding through fembot eyes.” Lately The posts have been coming from SIA and now the on snow demos that were taking place in CO. Following along with the regular adventures and updates has kept me going as I watch the snow melt just a few miles to the North.