Easter Shoe Hunt Prizes Round One and Circus Tricks

So the prizes for Easter Shoe Hunt are flowing in. First up from the now blue boxed crew at Nike SB we have kicks certificates to give away. These are what I’ve been getting tweets on all night. As you know sign up to follow South of the North’s Twitter account this Saturday for the Easter Shoe Hunt to upgrade you SB’s.

Speaking of contest…not to draw you away from Easter shoe Hunt but you really need to check out our man Hoon’s Snowboard Virgins contest. All things being what they are hoot doesn’t love a free snowboard and some soda pop? Plus, we will get a few good laughs. Stay tuned for more info on that … Now back to Easter Shoe Hunt!

JJ and Brad at Loyallaces.com hooked up a box of laces for people to lace up during Easter Shoe Hunt. Really appreciate the support guys.
Finally from Boardistan via West World…William Spencer is back. What’s funny is that when this kid isn’t doing fancy-shmancy gymnastics he’s a damn good skater. We’ll delve into this more but in the meantime enjoy the circus tricks.

William Spencer

[Link: Boardistan West World]

Thursday Drop: Trifecta Party People & More

Trifecta Party People
Another summer season heads into the archives and another Oregon Trifecta in the books. I’m still not 100% sure who walked away with this jam at Tobin’s but all signs point to Benji Galloway. Which leaves not much more to be said about the Trifecta. One can look over the photos, wait for footage to be released and wonder: “how come I can’t party with Rune and Jake?

Well, if you remember any of these photos being taken… clearly next time more cocktails are in order.

Heading into the Tim Brauch Memorial here is where we stand with the pro bowl standings:
1 Benji Gallaway
2 Rune Glifberg
3 Morgan Burgess
4 Jimmy The Greek
5 Sergie Ventura
6 Will Powers
7 Josh Sandoval
8 Steve Reeves
9 Tim Johnson
10 Packy Marrara

“Tim’s interpretation of me is that I lift weights in a Rolls Royce while sipping a glass of burgandy” – Reese Forbes
I swear we don’t have a chubby for Tim O’conner or all things East Coast. No, it’s not that at all. What we do have is a deep admiration for anybody who goes out into the world and speaks their mind. 48Blocks.com drops a solid interview with Tim O’Connor. Many thanks to from Skatedaily.net for the heads up.

You get a little insight into the glory days of the Brooklyn Banks, his time on Element and what is next for Tim. Definitely worth the read.

Speaking of 48Blocks.com… Check out Palace 5ive
I really like nothing more than finding a good skate site. It’s damn hard work these days to discover new and interesting things online. But, the bottom line is they exist . The discovery process just takes a little extra effort. The surprise of the week was getting turned onto 48Blocks.com. It’s been sitting there waiting in my inbox but it took a busted ankle for me to catch up on e-mail and find this gem.

The high point was finding the D.C. report published on their site. Across the board there’s a nice detailed photo blog. Including a few photos of a newer shop to set up downtown Palace 5ive. Skaters in the D.C. – Maryland – Virginia area know the first venture launched by this group: Elite Board shop. Elite opened their doors a few years back and skaters finally got a solid local shop rolling w/o having to step to NYC or Philly. Now they’ve expanded to downtown D.C. with Palace 5ive and we expect more really good things. Greg who runs the show is on top of the game locally and we’re lucky to have him around. Check out the 48 Blocks DC report and make sure you check out Palace 5ive in D.C.

Greg from Palace 5ive Photos Courtesy 48blocks.com Palace 5ive Photos Courtesy 48blocks.com

Palace 5ive Photos Courtesy 48blocks.com