Our History

Thinking from a collective sense isn’t common in counter culture. Collective terms such as the royal “we” are often tossed around but there’s less sense of community as we are divided more and more by time, distance and some of the digital ways and means. For those of us who are older this documentary is a look back at the guys we admired. For the younger ones this will be watching a movie the same way I watched ‘Dogtown and Z-Boys’ ten years ago. But, Bones Brigade: An Autobiographynull will be a common point for us all. Stacey Peralta created a movie who’s time is due and the film will benefit from him being so close to the subject matter. Not much more to say. Just watch the trailer.

Demo and Product Drops: Convoy Skateboards

Coming hot on the heels of Easter Shoe Hunt Convoy Skateboards is rolling out several new decks and hitting up Charm City this weekend with a few other skate lumber companies for a little Demo on Sunday April 19th.

So first things first. get your ass out to Baltimore this weekend and go see or skate with the Convoy team. That’s always a good time. Road trip, skate, hang out, lurk, roll the bones. Do what you gotta do but be there. I think you’ll be quite pleased with yourself if you do.

Next up if you need new wood it doesn’t hurt to support the little guy. Sure you might not have your “Berrics x Deathwish Lizard King” collabo deck but hey that would only make you look kinda douchey. Nothing against the Berrics or Deathwish but c’mon people spread the wealth. Mew graphics are solid and this is D.C. are we all sorts of DIY? Keep the cash local and grow our scene here. lets not export our dollars. I personally am a fan of the anchors away in an eight. Well done Convoy Skateboards. Now enjoy a battle of the Pyramid video edit … hooray video!

Suck it Trebek!

Oh, how I loathe that Smarmy Alex Trebek. With his weeeee beady eyes and “I’m so smart and Canadian” attitude. Seriously, hosting a TV show doesn’t make you smart. The re population of low brow culture with touch of society…that makes you smart!. Oh how I love the Simpson’s. The picturesin the last skatebook was just shy of brilliant. Now IASC and Skatebook are teaming up to sell off the prints from Bart’s “famous spots” adventure in the latest Skate book. Check out the flyerto the right and go buy that shit son!

Ballard, Salman, hook a blogger up!

Quiksilver Skates Through the Heartland

What is going to spread miles of smile sin the Midwest starting this weekend? Simple Quik’s dropping a mini tour. Check it:

“Join Quiksilver team riders Alex Olson, Tim O’Connor, Reese Forbes, Danny Garcia and Jake Johnson on a barn busting summer tour of the Midwest. These guys will be shredding through the cornstalks and rocking up to demos at the finest skateparks that America’s heartland has to offer.”

Yep, you read it right Olson, Forbes, Garcia and a few others. I’d be happy to see Brock show up and slay it North Cackalacka style along with Olson and Reese. But, since I am Baltimore bound for the Dew Tour … the Midwest will get all the fun.

Now a word to the wise don’t sleep on Quiksilver’s new skate site that rolled out a few weeks back. You’ll find some really good stuff if you dig a little including the Mike O’Meally interview about his new exhibit Far From Home. Also the new layout in the Official Quik Blog (Mountain and the Wave) allows you to check by skate or snow or surf. I’m pretty psyched on this right now becasue Quik has some amazing riders and they way the set up flows here is seamless. Nicely done Quik.

The full schedule for the Midwest tour follows:

June 21, 2008
Quiksilver Invasion presented by Cosmic
Go Skateboarding Day
Woodland Skatepark
469 Parkway Drive
Lexington, KY 40504

3:00 pm Warm up Session
4:00 pm Beginners Session, judged by Quiksilver Team Riders
7:30 pm Quiksilver Skate Team Demo
8:15 pm Autograph session with Quiksilver Skate Team

June 22, 2008
Powell Skatepark
260 village park drive
Powell, OH
1:00pm Demo

June 23, 2008
Modern Skatepark
1500 N Stevenson Hwy
Royal Oak, MI 48067
3:00 pm Demo

June 25, 2008
Wilson Skatepark
700 W Wilson
(between Clarendon Ave & Marine Dr)
Chicago, IL 60640
4:00 pm Demo