Our History

Thinking from a collective sense isn’t common in counter culture. Collective terms such as the royal “we” are often tossed around but there’s less sense of community as we are divided more and more by time, distance and some of the digital ways and means. For those of us who are older this documentary is a look back at the guys we admired. For the younger ones this will be watching a movie the same way I watched ‘Dogtown and Z-Boys’ ten years ago. But, Bones Brigade: An Autobiographynull will be a common point for us all. Stacey Peralta created a movie who’s time is due and the film will benefit from him being so close to the subject matter. Not much more to say. Just watch the trailer.

Pretty Sweet

The Music That Moves

I’ve lost count of how many songs in my regular rotation track back to some type of skate or snowboard movie. Once in a blue moon the music will be set to random and a song will come on invoking memories of “so-and-so doing such-and-such at that spot in that movie”. Usually that conversation closes one of two ways. Me running to find a clip on the internet which used to be grabbing a DVD and before that was lining up a video tape. OK, enough of Mr. Old-man-cranky-pants.

I was plugging away at the InfoPuter about a month back when somebody sent me the link to ‘Pretty Sweet’ aka the new trailer from Girl or Chocolate or Girl & Chocolate. I can’t remember anymore. But, the point being the music made me lean back in my chair and think “Damn, where have I heard this?” After going back through just about every playlist I surrendered to the Googles and felt pretty stupid as it was on Yeah Right!

I blame premature senility. Which means if skateboarding was like Logans run you could take me out back and shoot me. Regardless of my obscure 70’s sci-fi name checks –  enjoy the Pretty Sweet trailer with Disco Headache by Dub Diablo.

Pretty Sweet Teaser 1 from Crailtap on Vimeo.

And here’s the whole shebangity bang

Disco Headache by Dub Diablo

As an added bonus clip –  I still like this cut also

Girl & Chocolate Trailer from Crailtap on Vimeo.

edit note: that effin fantastic coffee and sticker image is from here on Huh via Biebels instgrams. Check’em out also.

Pretty Sweet

Pretty Sweet

That’s Just Mean (but kind of funny)

So, this popped up last week but I was waiting for a day when nothing was going on to post. GonzGoneWild.com was the first to dig this up to my knowledge I could be wrong though. Google has inadvertently tagged Shaun White with Rocky Dennis in the images. Now, this is going farther back than my Gymkata refrence a few weeks back.

Rocky Dennis suffered from craniodiaphyseal dysplasia, disfiguring, sclerotic bone disorder. This usually means neurological disorders and premature death during adolesence. But, Rocky lived past his expected years and his story is an inspiring one. Eventually, in the 1980’s, a movie was made about the last few years of his life and recieved praise. So if you go into google and type “Rocky Dennis” in the image search you get a picture of Eric Stoltz the actor who portrayed Rocky in the movie.

You also get an image of Shaun White. That’s just mean. Here I thought the googles was against “evil”.

Vans is Taking You Down Town This Weekend

Now was that so hard? I know the work week can be a bitch but c’mon five days shouldn’t kill you. Try skating and getting caught in the rain when the temperature drops form 75 to 56. That’ll mess you in all sorts of a “bad news” way. But, enough about the trials and tribulations of a young man and his skateboard, let’s talk about the weekend. There’s a lot going on and in particular one of my favorite events. That’s right it’s going down and place this Saturday: The Vans DownTown ShowDown.

The name alone actually conjours a vibe of the old skate comps and this one is pretty unique in my book. The Vans DownTown ShowDown. Yup, just saying it actually makes me smile, a solid company giving back to skating. Why do I like it so much? Well, I’m Glad you asked that very question. You are pretty much guaranteed to find weird obstacles to skate. The comp breaks the trend and bucks a little bit of the norm but still manage to put up some highly skateable terrain.

This year Vans upped the ante and offered up a design contest for user submitted terrain. So one lucky auto-cad knucklehead should have their obstacle along with features designed by a few skate teams you might have heard of: Girl, Creature, Foundation and Real. Actually, the lucky winner will not just get shop and drafting class bragging rights but they’ll also get an exact replica of their obstacle built where ever they want. I know…. I should have submitted my “mullet man pool coping wave ride.”

Speaking of obstacles here are the rumored company obstacles:

Creature: The Darkest Passage Into The Depths Of Doom and Despair

Girl: Girl Gonz Wild (a replica of the Gonz Gap at EMB back in the day)

Foundation: Former World’s Biggest Skateboard

Real: Sacto Rebate

On top of the terrain comp Vans is going to be webcasting and running give aways through the competition. There are more moving pieces of this everyday. So, why all it the blather? Simple, this is worth watching. I have yet to find good footage other than from the webcast but then again I am also not in the Hollywood skater elite. Peep the competition on October 13th. You won’t be disappointed. If you can’t make the competition do not sweat it…it will all be on Fuel TV in the coming months.

Annnnnd Drop!

Coming on the Heels of ‘Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground’ is Dustin Dollin’s Limited Edition DD-66. Last year Vans dropped a custom Tony Hawk’s Project 8 No Skool. Now while the shoes might not give you the same wild man bravado as DD you will get a code code to unlock the shoes in the THPG and slap them on your character. Another highlight of the game… guess where you can skate? That’s right, The DownTown ShowDown is included as a level. See how it’s all coming together? It’s like Vans planned this from day one. Good time

VANS Taka Pack
Finally bringing up the middle for this uber long update is the Vans X Taka Hayashi Skate Pack. This month, Vans has a special pack coming out with Hayashi’s art emblazoned on their newest styles, the Rowley Shambles, AV Sk8-Low, the DD-66 and the TNT III Slip-On, as well as four t-shirt styles.

Well-known in skate and street circles, Hayashi was born in Yokohama, Japan and transplanted to Santa Monica. Taka grew up in a defining era and locale in skate history and was influenced by the Venice pros who were regulars in the area.

AND Finally: Vans Opens Their New Doors

I have worked some crappy jobs in my life. I washed dishes. I processed vacation pictures in a photo lab. there was a time I stocked grocery store shelves. I even cleaned repossessed restaurant equipment. Lucky for me I’ve had some good jobs and now I get to do some really fun things with writing, skating and snowboarding.

I’ve never worked for a skate company directly. there’s really no direct knowledge and I’d like to think every day is fun. Maybe it’s a challenge but you have to enjoy who you are working for.So when Vans opened their new doors I figured why not let you see it with your own eyes. OK, why read my gibberish when a picture is worth a thousand words?

Vans should be easier to find these days. Real easy. Actually a pretty cool exterior if I think about the crappy places I worked in the past.

Yeah and this would be the interior. Splurging on dimmer switches I see.

History. Lots of history. Most of it good, some of it rad and all of it skating.

New digs means a new ramp! Escalators and a bowled in pocket. Now that’s good stuff!

OK, enough hot dogs, hamburgers and tours. Time to skate.