Danny Davis and the Grateful Livin

Grateful Dead and Danny Davis

Thank god I heave Deadhead friends who post this stuff on Facebook.

Do you find a crossover between the Grateful Dead lifestyle and the boarding lifestyle?
For sure! Like I said earlier, all kinds of people meet because of their love for a certain thing. I have met a lot of cool people I wouldn’t have met just because I love snowboarding, and they do too. There are some weird folks who love snowboarding. Just like there are some strange people who love the Dead. People would travel all over the country and world to see the Dead just as people travel all over the country and world for good snow and to shred deep pow. I suppose you could compare some folk’s love for Jerry, like some folks love for deep powder.


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Danny Davis and the Grateful Livin

Danny Davis and the Grateful Livin

Disclosure: In full honestly, I do love the album American Beauty.

Pretty Sweet

The Music That Moves

I’ve lost count of how many songs in my regular rotation track back to some type of skate or snowboard movie. Once in a blue moon the music will be set to random and a song will come on invoking memories of “so-and-so doing such-and-such at that spot in that movie”. Usually that conversation closes one of two ways. Me running to find a clip on the internet which used to be grabbing a DVD and before that was lining up a video tape. OK, enough of Mr. Old-man-cranky-pants.

I was plugging away at the InfoPuter about a month back when somebody sent me the link to ‘Pretty Sweet’ aka the new trailer from Girl or Chocolate or Girl & Chocolate. I can’t remember anymore. But, the point being the music made me lean back in my chair and think “Damn, where have I heard this?” After going back through just about every playlist I surrendered to the Googles and felt pretty stupid as it was on Yeah Right!

I blame premature senility. Which means if skateboarding was like Logans run you could take me out back and shoot me. Regardless of my obscure 70’s sci-fi name checks –  enjoy the Pretty Sweet trailer with Disco Headache by Dub Diablo.

Pretty Sweet Teaser 1 from Crailtap on Vimeo.

And here’s the whole shebangity bang

Disco Headache by Dub Diablo

As an added bonus clip –  I still like this cut also

Girl & Chocolate Trailer from Crailtap on Vimeo.

edit note: that effin fantastic coffee and sticker image is from here on Huh via Biebels instgrams. Check’em out also.

Pretty Sweet

Pretty Sweet