Monument Snowboards 2010 Site Up & Running

So I was banging away on the intarweb the other day trying to find the end of it all. Between last weeks Burton debacle on Yobeat and the despair of seeing Colorado slopes open while the beast coast was a warm 65 degrees Fahrenheit …finding the end of the world wide web seemed appropriate. While traveling at the not so fiber optic speed of candlelight I stumbled across the Monument Snowboards website.

It was the 2009 site.

So I called up Dave from Monument or as I call him – El Presidente* Now, Dave said the site would be up Sunday October 11th. Sure enough it has arrived: Ladies and gentlemen – the Monument 2010 site is live. Pics, clips and the 2010 board line up.

So here’s the good the bad and the ugly

Good … boards with art curated across the lineup from the likes of Kelsey Brookes and several others. Kelsey provided the visuals and soul of the Memento Mori which is kinda stunning in a creepy what would happen if Tim Burton remade the movie ‘Black Hole’

Bad … hmmm took me few minutes to actually find the boards. Also where’s the minor threat rip off t shirt I keep pleading for you to make. That worked out so well for Nike SB. The over under on Dave yelling at me? even money. it’s gonna happen.

Ugly – Splash page, ew.

Now if it would snow we could place these snowboards under our feet and test them. Until then it’s websites, bikes & skateboards.

* Note under new FTC rules I have to disclose all relationships with companies I mention. So, I know Dave we hang out. Drink beers. Discuss Vietnamese Cuisine. Go snowboard on Monument snowboards and hang out n’ stuff. OK, thanks FTC I feel the same way as the one time I had to explain to somebody why I asked Chick A vs. Chick B to the prom. Awkward.

Monument Snowboards 2010 Catalog

Last year monument snowboards came into SIA with a slightly different concept. Bring in an outsider to curate the board graphics as if it were a collection of art. The impact was immediate the graphics were unlike anything I had previously seen. Dave Tran, Monument founder is a friend* and likely the person I snowboard the most with season over season. He gets up at 6 am and drives with me to the small hills of Pennsylvania for 3 -5 hours of non-stop riding and then jumps back into the car to head back towards Washington D.C.

The culmination of what I consider to be bold moves on the graphics side and a true dedication to riding Monument sums up to me what snowboarding is and always should be: slightly different, avoiding the norm and fun as hell. If you are in Vegas this week for SIA. Check out Monument.

* Clearly being pals with the company founder skews my opinion however, I don’t ride a Monument board. I plan to test out these decks when possible. Last years Momento Mori was an amazing freeride deck and I look forward to what they have to offer in 2010

Monument Snowboards 2008 – 2009 Sneak Peek

Well the hordes and masses are descending upon Las Vegas. Lucky bastards. In about 36 hours the flood gates will open and buyers from ski and snowboard shops across the country will begin sifting through products to stock their shelves next season. While the snow sports industry gains strength it’s interesting to see how fragmented it continues to become.

A sign of growth is when you realize that the former rebels who waged the good fight for a new cause are now the industry giant. I’m talking to you Burton. This realization creates a void and new growth is inevitable. A need goes unfulfilled and eventually somebody…a small brand will step in to fill that need.

If I had to back one small brand and point them out it would be Monument Snowboards. Monument continues to hold their own season after season. Dave Tran, the founder, has taken a different tact the past few years by blending high performance and art. Maybe it’s a shift in snowboardings overall direction but Monument appears to be poised with the right product at the right time. If you are out at SIA I highly recommend viewing their collection this year. The boards aren’t for everybody. Then again, once upon a time, snowboarding wasn’t for everybody.

Now it is.

’08 or Die!

Even a mere 48 hours into the New Year it’s not too late for cranking out resolutions. This is also known as the “I might still be recovering from celebrating too much” blog post. But, my slackass-ness aside lets look at a few things that will be done more in 2008.

More Street Skating!
OK, I like concrete skateparks as much as the next guy. But just under a year ago I was in the offices of 411VM and had the questioned thrown at me: “So what are you skating these days?” It was friendly conversation and certainly not meant to dig any deeper than a “I skate, you skate, what are you skating” kind of way. But, damn it was a loaded question. I had to be honest…I was only skating transition. Cruising, mellow runs, blah blah, blah. I walked away from that conversation feeling like I was one hemp necklace, a pair of flip flops and a longboard short of being lame. I woke up Tuesday morning and cracked a few ollies, brought the boneless back out several times and might have tried a few no complies. I have a ways to go to bring back my street skating but that’s what it’s going to be this year. Gotta bring back all my street skating in 2008.

Paddle Out
Nothing hurts more than hearing your lady say “you really don’t do (insert various activity anymore) do you?” This past November my gal dropped the “You don’t really surf anymore do you” When you have no response (like I did) it’s time to suck it up and start driving to the shore. I know I enjoy it enough and the excuses are just that… an excuse.

Hit the Road Jack
At the end of 2007 I took a road trip. I can’t remember having such a good time. Making plans to go snowbroing and talking about skating in the spring. This year it will be about packing up the family friends and experiencing new places and people. Naturally, all should be done with skateboard, snowboard or surfboard in hand.

So that’s 2008 in a nutshell. Pretty simple stuff if you think of all the other crap a person can put down. However, I’m not going to resolve to make more money or try to be cooler than the next guy. No, the only theme in the resolutions above is to have more fun. Well, that and to take my dog for more walks. I really need to get on that last one.

That’s Just Mean (but kind of funny)

So, this popped up last week but I was waiting for a day when nothing was going on to post. was the first to dig this up to my knowledge I could be wrong though. Google has inadvertently tagged Shaun White with Rocky Dennis in the images. Now, this is going farther back than my Gymkata refrence a few weeks back.

Rocky Dennis suffered from craniodiaphyseal dysplasia, disfiguring, sclerotic bone disorder. This usually means neurological disorders and premature death during adolesence. But, Rocky lived past his expected years and his story is an inspiring one. Eventually, in the 1980’s, a movie was made about the last few years of his life and recieved praise. So if you go into google and type “Rocky Dennis” in the image search you get a picture of Eric Stoltz the actor who portrayed Rocky in the movie.

You also get an image of Shaun White. That’s just mean. Here I thought the googles was against “evil”.

Let it Snow: The Monument Snowboards Preseason Par-tay

Throwing a snowboard premier in Washington D.C. is god damn hard work. First off, lets be brutally honest the core snowboarding population is tiny opposed to the general recreation riders. But, there were enough of the cold weather faithful to brave a blustery Saturday evening in Arlington, VA right outside the D.C. city limits for a viewing of Monument Snowboards new footage, colder bevies and of course… walking away with some freebies.

This is the third of fourth year Monument has put on their pre-season party to showcase the seasons DVD sampler. I can go into lengthy detail about the evening but here’s what it came down to. People showed up, drank some drinks and walked away happy for snowboarding. Noticeably absent from this years festivities was Monument TM Jeremy Cline. Deaf Jam is like the Spinal Tap of this event. he typically brings the room to 11. With out the anointed Deaf Jam the sheer volume of people had to pick up the slack. OK, my description is pretty weak. Let’s have the pictures do the talking…

People came to drink, watch The Monument snowboards film ‘Frontcountry‘ and of course put their hands in the air and wave them like they just don’t care. At least that was the rumor.

Monument Snowboards Founder and CEO Dave Tran gives away snowboard #1 of the evening.

A little later Dave was feeling strangely fine and gave away a second snowboard. That or he was freestyling to some RZA breaks. I forget.

For the record I went to get some Chilli across the street when this photo was taken. When people don their freebies and the gangster mugging starts happening it’s a good sign to make like Costanza and leave on a high note.

You stay classy Monument Snowboards…