That’s Just Mean (but kind of funny)

So, this popped up last week but I was waiting for a day when nothing was going on to post. was the first to dig this up to my knowledge I could be wrong though. Google has inadvertently tagged Shaun White with Rocky Dennis in the images. Now, this is going farther back than my Gymkata refrence a few weeks back.

Rocky Dennis suffered from craniodiaphyseal dysplasia, disfiguring, sclerotic bone disorder. This usually means neurological disorders and premature death during adolesence. But, Rocky lived past his expected years and his story is an inspiring one. Eventually, in the 1980’s, a movie was made about the last few years of his life and recieved praise. So if you go into google and type “Rocky Dennis” in the image search you get a picture of Eric Stoltz the actor who portrayed Rocky in the movie.

You also get an image of Shaun White. That’s just mean. Here I thought the googles was against “evil”.