Hi there.

My name is JB and I’m the guy behind South of the North.

South of the North got its start several years ago when I decided that writing about the things I love, the places that inspire me, the actions that motivate me and the tools to make it all happen was better done by myself than for a paycheck.

Oddly enough, it was a jokey little blog that people actually began to read. Then a few more and then a few more after that.

Ahhhhh the glory days of blogging.

Then, the job that pays the bills gave me more responsibility and I made the conscious choice to focus on my career path.

I don’t regret that choice for a minute because I was running out of things to say. Hey, it happens.

So, after starting this little blarg back in 2006ish I’m slowly resurrecting it.


There’s just too much cool stuff happening again.

I’ve gotten more into cycling.

Skating is still amazing and boggles my mind daily with joy.

The world of surfing is looking more unique.

Snowboarding and skiing continue to evolve.

When my kids sat down and insisted on watching a surf event this year I realized how much I missed being encompassed by things that made me walk a round with a big smile.

Moments of complete rad.

A big wave in the dead of winter.

A spin in the backcountry.

Five riders cresting a hill-top sprint.

A kickflip that gets landed at the last possible moment on sketchy terrain.

So, its slow growth.

Which is good.

I’m JB

Bye for now but not for as long.

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