Travis Rice Behind the Ad

The Unique Oddities of Travis Rice

OK, not so unique but that’s a great sound bite. Regardless of good audio nuggets Travis Rice does a pretty good job of ensuring the snowboarding and non-snowboarding world walks around with their jaws dragging on the floor. One of the nice.r things is to see a guy who can haul ass like that down a mountain is given the green light to go places, film stuff and keep going back for more. I’m sure it’s to fill some deep burning passion he has for shredding or maybe it’s something else but all I care about is that it makes me want to get out and ride. Big or small terrain watching this stuff makes you want to go.

Is it a commercial for Quiksilver?

Sure is.

Do I care?

Not at all, I like the riding and their gear has been historically solid.

Plus you get more rad stuff like this

Art of Flight part from santiago moran on Vimeo.

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