Breaking Away

The Cutters Still Rule

All these years later these guys still rule as much as they did in ‘Breaking Away’. How many cyclist watched Dave and the gang race the Little 500 and then rode their bikes into the ground? Hats off to EW for pulling these guys back together and snapping the pic. I mean this movie really was and remains fantastic for people who race, ride and love bicycles. I still find it funny that most people don’t realize this was nominated for ‘Best Picture, ‘Best Screenplay’ and three other Oscar categories. Granted, it only won for ‘Best Screenplay’ but in Best picture it lost to Kramer vs. Kramer, Apocalypse Now and Norma Rae. Losing to a  few cinematic icons? Not too shabby for a small budget movie with a bunch of unknown actors at the time. Actually, Jackie Earle Haley may have been the best know of the Cutters.

Again, hats off to EW!

Breaking Away

The Cutters From Breaking Away

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