Red Hook Milan

So the race isn’t happening at night. That doesn’t mean The Red Hook Milan won’t be lung busting, leg breaking, stomach churning 49×14 amounts of awesome. Check out the update below from Trimble racing and scroll all the way down for videos I pulled from 2010 and 2011. This race is really unique to cycling. I can’t wait for the Brooklyn edition this year and the cool things they pull together.


Trimble Racing and elita Milan are proud to announce the 3rd annual Red Hook Criterium race, which will take place Sunday, October 14th from 15:00 in the new circuit Zona Tortona. The decision was considered some important opportunities have arisen in recent days.

The Italian edition of the event’s New York bike fixed gear, back once again on the streets of Milan. The race will involve 100 athletes between road cycling, track cycling and bike messengers who will discuss during the 22 laps in the traditional urban atmosphere. The technical nature of the competition on racing bicycles fixed gear requires that participants have both large capacity management and road holding, is a high level of strength and training. Confirmed participants from 14 different nations, who promise an exciting show for the thousands of spectators who attend the race.

In conjunction with blocking traffic expected on the same day of Sunday, October 14, the City of Milan has sponsored the event, authorizing the holding of the event by identifying the most suitable place in the city, Zona Tortona. This event will be an important demonstration of the world what is possible in an urban town.

In support of a long list of sponsors will support the cyclists will customize prizes and merchandise of Red Hook Criterium: Cinelli, Castles, Tour, San Marco, SPY Optic, Twelve Cycles, Cycling, F-punkt and Iridefixed Modena. A follow exclusively the race, as media partner, we will: Prolly is not Probably, Milano Fixed, Lucas Brunelle, Enciclika, Gage + Desoto, and Peloton Magazine. The event is also sponsored by the City of Milan.

The race was organized in collaboration with the Bicycle Film Festival, which Red Hook Criterium and ‘part of the program. 11 to October 14, Zona Tortona will become an area of ​​film screenings, installations, art shows, parties, bmx contest and of course the Red Hook Criterium Milano.

Headquarters of the race will be the site of the former Ansaldo, via Tortona 54. This space, together with the activities proposed by the Bicycle Film Festival, will offer a series of events and atmosphere never experienced before at the Red Hook Criterium. The final program and the map of the race will be posted on . More information on Bicycle Film Festival are on .

We are aware that the tradition of the night race at this time has been changed. Our first objective was to set up the race in the evening, but efforts – which shall remain valid for the next year – were impossible this year. The light of late afternoon, however, will offer a new experience and allow you to document the race with more detail and clarity. Also, we liked the idea of ​​living together in the same urban area criterium and Bicycle Film Festival.

We are also aware of the possible problems of travel and displacement that this change could cause to the participants, but we will work to alleviate as much as possible. Each participant who has not had a chance to change his schedule to attend on Sunday, will be entitled to a refund and free participation in the next year’s race.

the Zona Tortona circuit provides a balance between areas of high speed and technical areas. The race begins with three fast carried out at 90 degrees before reaching a roundabout at speed. The battle for position in this section of the race will be critical since it will lead directly to an exceptional 180 ° bend this part of the circuit promises to be the most difficult in the history of the race. Participants will slow down dramatically for the bend, and then regain strength and dexterity with speed. The final corner is a quiet southpaw who brings the finish line. The proximity of the bend to the finish line will create a ride aggressively, the positioning will be critical.

Red Hook Milan 2010

1st Red Hook Criterium 2010 Milano from Paolo Ciaberta on Vimeo.

Red Hook Milan 2011

Red Hook Criterium . October 15th 2011 . The Race from LAB8 on Vimeo.

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