Hear the One About Snowbasin Ski Patrol?

Lets, at minimum, be objective here…

Should the kids have gone off the jump with the mountain guy right there? No, that’s just asking to be yelled at.

Did the kids handle himself in the “I didn’t do anything wrong” when obviously he should have just gone around the guy? Sure.

Did the Ski Patrol guy come down heavy handed? Yeah. That’s just stupid.

Somebody in a position of power telling a rider to “shut their fucking mouth”?  Totally uncalled for.

Should the kid have gotten a warning? Yep.

All in this isn’t a controversy or harassment it’s just a kid being a kid and a ski patrol dude going overboard to the point he needs to asses how he communicates with others

Harassment at Snowbasin – Extended & Unedited from Garden Stories. on Vimeo.

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