Michael Sieben’s Upset With Shaun White (but really Target)

Michael Sieben is upset with Shaun White. Well, Shaun’s just the face in a “I-am-a-golden-tight-pants-god-ala-Russell-Hammond” snowboarder sort of way. So, I guess Michael is really upset with Jesse, Shaun’s brother. Jesse is like the Major Domo to Shaun’s growing empire of authentically merchandised boardsports apparel articles. Sorry, I can’t call that stuff clothes although I know my kids will be getting after it if they ever quit futzin’ around with my old skateboards. But, I digress Micahel Sieben is really mad at Target.

I like Micahel Sieben’s art and for the most part between Bueno and Roger seemed down to earth in a Sheckler world of skate marketing gone wild. Kind of like Austin, Texas (where Michael lives) Roger and Bueno were an outpost of the fun and normalcy in being left of center that once drove skatings ideals. Yep, amidst the stupid crap of bong hits, dumb ass trends, MTV reality shows they were just fun.

So to see work resembling his show up on the Shaun White line in Target is a bit depressing but I also have to say –  if you refuse to sell out don’t complain when you can’t buy in. So, if these are really that similar to your designs – lawyer up and go after Target. Quit pandering to the skate world. We aren’t going to buy your are today because the man is ripping you off anymore than we were going to do it last week. So here’s what you do:

1. Call a lawyer. Maker sure it’s somebody well versed in copyright law.
2. Establish a pattern or connection of design appropriation.
3. Asses the potential financial impact!!!
4. Make it well known you would have loved to have been a commercial account.
5. Maybe contact Geoff? Might have good advice, ya?

Finally, don’t be mad at Shaun. We have plenty to hate on Shaun about and while this may be the most visceral to you – it doesn’t even begin to account for the general scale of weirdness that has evolved out of him (ahem next Hosoi downward spiral) over the past few years.

No, be angry at Target and if you have a case. Unleash the hounds.

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