The Best Ski Clip I’ve Seen This Year (so far)

Winter is taking it’s sweet old time to come settle in on the Least Coast. It seems like once a week I’m talking with Dave from Monument snowboards and we’re lamenting over our quiet trudge towards the snowy months. See, here’s what really bugs me –  it’s major inconvenience from the activity planning perspective. December to March should all be about shred. April to September Bike, skate, surf and fall –  cyclocross. Well, maybe some early shredding. But, you get general the idea.

Instead I have more gray days than I can clearly recall. Temps steadily meandering in the 40’s and a general malaise to rival the population of Belgium or Cleveland. Not to split hairs you see. So, I talk to Dave. back and forth.

“Lets go west.”
“What are you working on?”
“Who will open?”

Yeah, I know this East Coast blogging stuff is thrilling. But, within the boredom a nugget gets tossed our way reminding us of the end goal. I mean, that is to say, it’s never far from the mind but truth be told with the distractions of life (see: responsibilities) it’s easier to get bummed out than remain hopeful. Today’s small blessing was in the form of this clip I caught on the Mouse of J. P. Auclair.

Yes, I know it’s a ski clip.

You are equally right that I don’t care it’s a ski clip. It’s brilliant. Sure, snowboarding has been doing urban lines for years. So has skiing to some small degree but to treat a freeride line in a urban environment it great. Why/ lets face it skiing and snowboarding are pretty much a rich mans sport. You either got cash or you have to want it to the point you’ll hustle your buns off. Gear is one thing. Lift tickets –  that’s another story. This clip is a change of perspective that can democratize skiing and snowboarding for the better.

So, shred your backyard, your sidewalk, your gold course, local park just if there’s snow get our and ride. Hike, take the bus, have friends take you back and forth but make it happen. Because from where I sit I have to wait for winter. If you don’t have to then go ride now.

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