Morning Notes for 12.8.10: Snow Season Starts in the South, Union and Todcast Continues

I have to admit it was nice to wake up to about seven of the following text messages this morning: “Want to go ride this weekend? (not bikes)” That can only mean winter is coming fast and if you aren’t ready to shred then you better be ready to hibernate. Personally, I could use a few days on the snow to get some fresh air in my lungs. Too much time in the office can give you blinders and getting out to make turns can open your world back up. We all know this. So, needless to say I may have to try and make an early morning run to one of the small hills.

Another way I can tell it’s winter is when Chris at Alpine Ski Shop starts putting up blog posts every 20 minutes. Chris will do set up of the minute then a product release and then some random Union Binder drop. In this case it was the Super pro if you must ask. The one thing I see more and more out of Alpine? Union, lots of it. I’m not sure of they promised the C-3 crew maybe a happy ending to this season? But, one thing is for certain they seem to have things dialed in with the no mess looks good simplicity of Union. Apparently the same thing is happening out in Breck as well. Union has been around for a long old time. After all seasons in snowboarding are like dog years, stuff changes wicked fast but simple rules, simple is beautiful. Nice to see Alpine and Union both have this figured out in the consumers eye. Oh and Alpine alos put up their webstore finally. Welcome to the digital age Alpine!

Finally – part two of Toddcast.

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