Cabin Fever: A Brief Look Inside the House of SOTN

So, I had fully planned to sit down and get back to SIA and amazing editorial but here’s what went down
Sunday Night – Stomach Flue
Monday –  Destroyed by said Flu
Tuesday – Catching up from All of Monday’s work at the j-o-b!
Tuesday night – SNOW! Aieee Aiee Aiee  – yep what were the odds 10-20 inches en route. SWEET
Wednesday Morning 6 AM – Oh we only got 5 inches ….(Important note 5 inches is our annual average snowfall, and I was bummed)
Wednesday Morning 10 AM -Attack of the blizzard! it’s a total cluster flake! It’s snow zilla – it’s Blizz Kong!

14 inches later things got a little nutty and my monkeys began getting antsy so …. it was movie making time

Happy Lizard!

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