UPDATE: The Biggest Damn SIA Giveaway Ever (in 2010 so far…)

 @the_real_morety aka Andrew Moreton Winna Winnah Chicken Dinnah!
Dude played every question submitted all the answer and increased his odds. Well done sir.

So, I had to bail on SIA a few days early. Little side note – I’m going to be moving soon and need to take care of some business on the home front. That being said I can’t keep anything more than the essentials right now. My gear will be making the jump but all non-essential stuff will be going elsewhere. In this case, all the stuff I picked up at SIA is going into the elsewhere pile.

That means you have a shot at winning it all. yes, it’s biggest damn SIA Giveaway ever.

Here are the rules –  over the next five days I’ll be post ten questions on twitter and you’ll need to find the answer on SouthoftheNorth.com. Hit me up via Direct Message on Twitter with the answer. You get your name in the drawing for the shirts (mostly XL) , hats (7 1/2), goggles, die cuts, waterbottles – the whole kit and kaboodle..

That’s right kaboodle.

Come next Saturday I’ll use a random number generator to pick the winner.

Here’s the thing – You can have up to ten spots in the drawing. None of this only one entry. Answer early, answer often and increase your chance of winning all this stuff.

Now, in order to play along you’re going to have to follow South of the North on twitter and hunt through South of the North.

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