2011 Weekend Snowboards Preview

Ahhh Friday, how I love you. So, back in the saddle after being out for a week and I must say there’s a definitive groove going in South of the North land. I’m getting tons of feedback and I’m stoked to hear from you all. But with the week coming toa close time to share some images of another brand I’m stoked on … Weekend snowboards.

Weekend has been sliding around all fresh like a Ninja with mad subtle skills over the past year. They poached Heikki Sorsa and Mark carter last year and Recently announced the signing of Eddie Wall. We’ve got a soft spot in our hearts for Eddie for two reasons one he’s putting on contest of just wall rides and two he’s from the East Coast. Fuck Yeah Elk Mountain!

So check out the 2011 offering from Weekend. Looking forward to seeing this out East for a few demos

One thought on “2011 Weekend Snowboards Preview

  1. Weekend is probably the coolest company out there right now. I had a Rome agent bought for this year and once I started reading about the company i fell in love! So i sold my agent and am some how am getting my hands on a road trip 153 rocker! I have not got it but once I do I will tell you how it is.

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