2011 Snowboard Outerwear Preview: 2011 Analog

Again, as you all know the 2011images are beginning to float these around. As previously stated these aren’t being broken or new to anybody. More honestly, these should be easy to find if you have a few minutes, google, a dixie cup of whipped cream and some interest in learning what Analog will look like in 2011.

– these could be a gag, these could be BS. Until SIA we won’t know for sure.

7 thoughts on “2011 Snowboard Outerwear Preview: 2011 Analog

  1. They deffinatly did not put the best color ways in this picture. they have a sick line of ridable hoodies and flannels comming out next season too. analog is keepin it real while the burton branch continues to blow it. i herd a rumor that nico is off and i know for a fact that luke matrani is off. i have a feeling they will be regreting that decision in a few weeks when theres a giant volcom stone infront of the olympic viewers… I think they should bump keegan to analog and maybe drop some of those euros. theres something wrong with your marketing when you get rid of un inc and the dominant and keep freddie k and grillo… wack

  2. i thought jonny said something about nico riding some YES boards? oh well mervin makes some good shit. im wondering where jake blauvelt will land…..For some reason I have a feeling he will be sitting on a nice burton contract at the beginning of next season….

  3. hmmm since Burton owns Forum, and he bolted from Form, I'd be a bit surprised if he went back to the teet. but yah never know. rumor is that he's also going to be lib/gnu/quik since he's based out of Mt Baker now…

  4. oh weird. im slowly understanding that hoon knows all. I herd that blauvelt was just leaving forum so he could basically fill nicos spot on burton (I dont want to call it this but they have similar riding styles, and good styles at that). thats cool that mervin is making improvements to there team. I feel like they get forgotten about because they dont have anyone really competing in contests other than trice. I am stoked to see that lucas debari landed well on lib, I think they should put out a video with debari, lando, ejack and nico riding those giant pillow lines in the standard films. That would kill it!

  5. man i don't know shit. and that's the truth. jake may be nico's replacement (i dig both riders), but nico was pretty shaken up when Uninc was axed and then when Fredrick and Mads were also booted.that's all i got. is jake blauvelt back from surfing costa rica yet?

  6. damn, never thought they would get rid of those two. I just saw mads at the B movie tour in philly.. must have been a bummer for him, he kind of seems like the kind of dude that could only ride for burton. Hopefully Yes boards blows up the way i think it will. I think there doing the right thing by controlling quantity and keeping the hype up. did you see the new restricted catalog from Burton? theres a few un inc logo's in there and it just dosn't seem right

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