2011 Lib Tech: 2011 Travis Rice and 2011 TRS

OK, so as long as we are posting randoms from the interweb we’re going to go the full monty.

Disclaimer: We can’t vouch for the photos. We don’t know who took them. If you took them, congrats! You should be very proud. But, that being said. Interweb hype is just that – hype. These may or may not be 2011 boards until folks get dealer catalogs confirmed or pics start flowing from SIA – we’ll be guessing … onto the pics.

From the Editors of Boardistan

2011 Lib Trice? I do believe if so – it’s upside down.

Update: 2011 Trice pro Model C2 BTX from the The Snowboard Mag 2011 sneak peek.

 2011 TRS base shot? Some super secret pipe ‘nana? Who knows?

5 thoughts on “2011 Lib Tech: 2011 Travis Rice and 2011 TRS

  1. it's 12 years a ride lib… i think they make the best boards on the planet, innovation is always revolutionary.about the style… every year i feel like they dig to the bottom of style and graphics but when i see preview of next year i understand ther's no limit to the bad design!!!ok board are super, MTX and c2 kick ass to any other brand and we do't care design that much, but you may understand ther's a limit!!!! 🙂 peace

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