Making Turns, Complaint Box & Looking into 2010

A scant 30 plus hours from a New Year and boy did I need to get out and make some turns in all sorts of ways. So I rounded up Monument Dave and a new Memento Mori with Union Force binders and off we went. Snow was good, guns were going full blast but fun was to be had. After several rounds of riding and comments that will filter into a board review shortly here we broke for some food and then made our way back home. On our last run in true “lets take a few more and then call it a day” style we ran into our buddy Drix who also had a Monument and Union set up. What can I say three is the magic number? A good day of riding all around.

Who knew my little AK review would get positive and negative feedback. Just goes to show that somebody beyond my wife, Pat Moore, Chris and Neil Hendrix read South of the North. What’s really funny about this is that it drifts into turf where others have outed anonymous/fake name comments for who they really are. Granted, the most recent example I can think of is YoBeat and their little skirmish with Burton over an article Brooke wrote.

Back to the AK review, so the beauty of SOTN is that it’s unfiltered but tends to be thought out. In other words: I don’t put up the random rant anymore. More important it’s transparent. I encourage everybody who posts to do so with an associated identity. If you are going to say something on the web have the minerals to back it up. There are plenty of places for anonymous folks to flex their “I know more about snowboarding than you” Internet muscles. As a matter of fact I love it when somebody disagrees with something I write because I tend to see another viewpoint but man do I hate it when people do it anonymously. In particular this one:

So you tore your Stagger pant in the backcountry on a tree or your sisters last remaining tooth and now the whole line is dead ?WTF? AK is lifetime warranty. So cry yourself into a new AK pant and give us little people your proform. Unless you have some real points as why the line is going south. My AK gear is still kicking it and it’s been out over 60 times this year. In S&D and trees it’s my fav jacket.

Seriously, you don’t have the balls to put down a name with that? Are you such a pussy that you can’t even link an e-mail? Holy crap I bet you buy 89 Octane because you can’t decide between 87 and 91. My two-year-old son has bigger stones than you. Good God what a f*cking pussy. Also for the record you f*cking genius – no they wouldn’t warranty it per their terms. Again, for “Mr. I’m-to-scared-to-put -my-name-on-an-opinion” and all the people in the cheap seats read the final graph:

As far as soul of a brand I think the AK line does a really amazing job of fusing the soul of people like Jake & Craig Kelly with the innovation that today’s snowboarding brings. But, at the same time when you see guys like Terje wearing more straight Burton gear than AK you know something’s fishy in the lineup.

Translation: when you make the general retail purchasing population pay $600 for a jacket that bears the name of AK as in Alaska as in one of the gnarilest places in the world to ride – make it so it won’t get a tear that you won’t warranty. Because in a gnarliest place like Alaska – you might get a tear! Is that clear or do you need my aforementioned two year old son to draw you a picture? He has a big box of crayons so even you will be able to get it. Holy crap, hallelujah and pass the beer nuts so much for not ranting. Anyway that’s my opinion. My name is Jonny. You know where I stand. Next time show a little back bone might be in short order.

(Ahem, regain composure)

OK, now that I’ve scared everybody away and burned several bridges – why not say hey 2010 is a year of change for SOTN. As you know we’ve got more than our fair share of guest contributors and they will continue on. Also, we’re going to start taking on advertising. Yep, we need to pay some bills but don’t fret it really compromise editorial standards because lets be honest we don’t have standards. We just have unfiltered opinions about things we like, dislike, what works and what doesn’t. So in early 2010 when we reskin South of the North, ads will come along with the new look. That should be interesting as from my above rant I’ve likely scared off every potential advertiser and their mother.

Isn’t 2010 looking like a fun year already?

2 thoughts on “Making Turns, Complaint Box & Looking into 2010

  1. In the immortal words of some shmoe in Billy Madison:Mr. Madison, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.Who's ready for the crazy train? – hoon

  2. good madison quote hoon, I agree that the Ak line has gone downhill for the most part. Prices are at an all time high and quality has gone downhill on most of the pieces. The other day our burton rep, tanner came into 3 ride and he had a piece i was impressed with though. after figuring out its a $500 jacket, i gave it some second thoughts. Is AK shit that much better than say a gore jacket from another company, probably not but it is burton and you pay for the marketing along with everything else. This may be a little off topic but i was impressed with the restricted line from this season, it sold well and its really good quality for something kids are buying strictly for the look. Next years restricted line does not look half as good but maybe when i see it in person it will be better. I love the reviews on this blog because there pretty much raw. keep it up! and when are we going to see a nike boot / outerwear review?!

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