Free Ski Day At Greek Peak

Who says you can’t go home yes, I headed back to the original South of the North- Vestal, NY for a few days of family time and to let the kids begin the wild holiday rumpus with their Grandparents. I was pretty happy to see my old stomping grounds where I learned to ski and snowboard back in the 80’s Ohhhhh the 80’s! Neon! Big hair! and snowboard mogul competitions! Don’t laugh it really happened. back to my point it was free ski day. A canned or non-perishable food item got you a lift ticket all day. Do some good while making turns? Count me in. So on Christmas Eve I ventured 25 minutes north or west (I can never tell) to the funny little mountain I used to call home: Greek Peak.

Now, I suppose I could have called and scored a media pass because hey this is a big time tweetastic, facbookin’ social machine makin’ blog. Note: that blinding white flash was not a bomb. That was sarcasm. However last year when i was running around for writing reviews and what not the marketing guy ended up either giving me a hard time or not caring  (why are these guys such douchebags?) so … free ski day it was. Plus, like I said, the effort went to a local food bank which is a much better cause than the world renowned effort of “Stroke-the-ego-of-some-small-time-ski-hill-marketing -ass-hat”. I hear that one is going to have Bono play their next benefit.

So after rounding up a bag of groceries off I went. I ended up getting in a handful of runs over 3 hours due to the size of the crowds but the people watching was pretty epic. So without further delay …here’s a brief glimpse into the shred world I came from. Not much as changed

Now this was a new development. The Bloods have set up shop at Greek peak. A I hear they jump people in over near the ski lodge. One can only hope the Crips watch their back over at Labrador Mountain and don’t come around starting trouble.

After having to be the guy who answered work e-mails in the lift line I got boxed out of line by some guy. I was about to say something and then noticed the ski blades. Quickly it became apparent he had enough issues to contend with on his own without me saying anything.

Finally, we got on the lift! Wait is this thing not a high speed detachable Quad? I mean COME ON Greek peak! Even Whitetail has a high speed Quad. No wonder it’s was a 25 minute wait. Ok, back to thinking all the food we are restocking in local food bank.

The poor guy sitting next to me had to endure about 31 “and over there we used to …” type stories going up the lift.

Finally I got a few runs in and found some friendly faces who made the day a good time. Hands down set up of the day goes to this guy though. he couldn’t even recall where he got the board and had to be knocking on 60. Style points for the duck boots and carharts

So when you are in the Southern Tier of NY and looking to make some turns Greek Peak is a nice place to go (if it’s not a weekend) otherwise head up to Lab. You’ll likely have more fun. Also, check out Feeding America. Nobody should go to bed hungry ever and all joking aside it never hurts to donate or help out when you can.

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