DC Snowboards: DC Helix Jacket and DC Tasch Pant Review

Over the weekend (during snopocalypse in metropolis) I had the opportunity to toss rummage through the review closet to get out the gear DC had sent along this fall, aka the Helix Jacket and Tasch pant. The funny story is even with personnel changes and all sorts of sizes and colors not being available DC came through. They sat for hours on the other end of e-mail listening to me blather on about exacting specifications but patience is a virtue and if that holds true the folks at DC snowboarding are pretty virtuous. I’m not quite sure what that means and there’s 98%* chance I’m now in the process of making up words but lets continue with this review.

Rarely do I get the opportunity to do the following:
A. Review gear in a blizzard
B. Review gear while shoveling out my neighbors
C. Review gear while taking a pow turn down my street
D. Review DC outerwear

Damn, it’s a winter of firsts and we are only two days into it. Game on! OK, first thing first 10K gear typically is good all around gear and this was no exception. A bit more heft than your typical 2L 3L laminate shell series but to be honest for all of my running around in the snow – I was never cold. Actually it was just the opposite during Snopocalypse shovel fest round 1 I overheated (note this jacket does have 60or so grams of insulation) and then while hiking up hill for a mile (only to ride a 1/2 mile downhill – explain that to me) I found myself beginning to heat up a few times. the vents disregarded the typical underarm vent and instead have the pec to kidney diagonal vent. Yeah, pretty much rocks.

Not that there’s anything wrong with pit vents but these were super easy to access and dumped heat quickly. The pockets provided more than ample storage and there were a few instances of actually forgetting where the hell I put my keys. The colorways being extra bright ensured I didn’t get popped by my crazy jersey Guido neighbors souped up Nissan Skyline and most of all – zip away everything thing. Hood, powder skirt. it the little things when trying to minimize that make everything better. Helix Jacket two thumbs up**.

The Tasch pant had a bit of weight to them making me think they would be a sponge but just the opposite. Warm, dry and efficient as f*ck. When it comes to pants I tend to prefer the looser fit and DC does not hold back on giving you room to move. Now they weren’t insanely baggy but certainly let you get around. What really stood out was the cleaner line and the effort to hide any Adjustable length drawstring was a nice touch as well when hiking up through snow.

Now, I wouldn’t take this kit out on a warm preseason or sunny spring day but god do I wish this had been in my gear bag last year at Powder mountain in Utah. So, best conditions? Well obviously blizzard but I’d also say colder day or day in the deep. The combo or the jacket powder skirt and the pants boxer gaiter will do the job of keeping you bone dry. Plus the fill in the jacket and burliness of the pant pack in the heat. As for me and my best use of the gear? Well that was another first. So forget snowboarding Snow yeti is the new style!

Thanks to DC Snowboards for supplying the gear and we plan on entering the Helix/Tasch kit into our Hosed in 2010 waterproofing test.stay tuned for Hoons review of the DC Park Boot

* 73% of all statistics are made up.
** OH BY THE WAY — did I mention i was dry seriously 10K of love is what this jacket was.

2 thoughts on “DC Snowboards: DC Helix Jacket and DC Tasch Pant Review

  1. Their 2009/2010 Judge boot is insanely comfortable. My only concern is that I might have gone a little large. The heel hold due to the larger J bars is excellent, the articulation at the cuff gives a better range of motion without sacrificing control and the dual boa is legit.

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