Snowpocalypse 2009!!! or Pow Turns in D.C.

Use it Up Wear it Out Make it Do Or Do Without – North Eastern Saying (presumably by some curmudgeon from Maine which has the highest curmudgeon per person ratio)

Snowapocalypse! Snowmageddon! The Blizzard of 2009! People panicing! Grocery store shelves ransacked! Mass Hysteria! Dogs and Cats living together Aieeee!! Aieee!! Aieee!!

Now, unless you live in the general vicinity of Washington D.C. you have no idea what the mere mention of snow does to these people. Flat out it turns everybody and their brother into a frantic period of emergency driven lunacy only to be paralleled by obnoxious SB fanboys. Where I come from (Binghamton, NY) we wipe our asses with 18 inches of snow. The roads are cleared and you might have a two hour school delay. However in D.C. we just received 26 inches of snow. OK, for once the hype and spazziness of VA – DC- MD people was well deserved. Two plus feet of snow is nothing to joke about, especially when there are about four snowplows in the entire region!

So, what was I to do? Driving to the local resorts was out of the question because
A. To be honest I’m not spending 3 hours driving bumper to bumper to ride 980 vertical feet.. Nope sorry I just don’t have that patience.
B. I had to shovel my ass off! Seriously,I forgot shoveling was reason I moved to DC in the first place (along with cheap flights to CO, UT, nearby beaches and solid skating)
C. Sure hiking is a bit more work but why not just bomb my local 750 foot long hill?

So option C seemed prime for execution. Why not indeed? With that I pulled my boards out and began the long and winding road to riding on Saturday & Sunday. Now it’s not the best but I did get to make some pow turns in Arlington, VA (a first) and to be honest they were incredibly rewarding.That’s where the whole “make it do” thing comes into play. Hiking a few blocks from my house was fun. I plan to be back out there before work in the AM. Slashing a few turns before the sun comes up and the office Jonny has to show up will be a nice start to a week.

Note all these pics were taken with my Blackberry so I apologize for quality
first up, I actually have boards to mount up & ride this year Not sure why but the Burton Malolo was calling my name with all the snow. Admittedly a bit over over kill but with graphics by Thomas Campbell – epicly fun.

After thinking I was going overboard with the malolo I quickly reverted my position at about 8 am as it was puking snow.

First break in the snow around 1 pm and time to hike from the homestead.

The break in weahter was a whopping 15 minutes and quickly it began puking again. So off I hiked the 1.5 mile to the top of Wilson and Mckinley and then back down to where Mckinley picked up for a 1/2 mile downhill.

A few runs and a good slashes but not nearly as fast as one hopes for. I managed to grab this pic as I loomed in on a snow drift for a slash.

After a few runs I bagged it and went back to shoveling and beering my way through snopocalypse 09. Actually I thought of another spot with good drop and some features that might be fun so i made plans to head for a regional park a few blocks from my pad on Sunday. Sure enough Sunday afternoon came and with the kiddos napping I bolted to for the park only to be greeted with a vastly untouched snow, a steeper run in and colder temps. Now fun was to be had.

The first few I spent just pulling a manual down. Backseat!

Bottom of the run in had been packed down by god knows what and after a few runs was kind of fast. Enough to ollie and slash out 5 or 6 more turns.

So this was after a few runs and I began sizing up another side to the run in which gave me a faster/longer line. Enough for few slashes and then some ollies over stumps etc. This is where it started to pick up and get really fun

After the runs started to pile up A friend came by to visit on a well deserved break! Captain T to the rescue!

Ahhh more turns and fun

After a few solid hours of hike n’ ride it was time to hang it up and head home. Miles of smiles for getting out and making something worthwhile of a few feet of snow. Like I said earlier the riding was fun and for lack of vertical drop it was amazing to get a pow turn in a few blocks from my house.

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