All I want For Christmas #5: Vans SK8 Mid SF

Did you hear? Washington D.C. actually got snow this past weekend. That means skating outside – no go. Riding a bike outside: frigid and painful. Those sneaky Saturday sessions milking the oncoming winter swell? yeah, best of luck with that. I hope you have a 6/5/4 to keep your bones marginally temperate. But, since I really focus on my bike and skating this time of year (we have about 2 more weeks before slopes really get cranking) it’s a good opportunity to touch base on the finer things in life.

Now, I’ve never been a big believer in a pair of shoes that you “chill” in. I’ve seen guys roll up to spots with two pairs of sneakers, change one out to skate and then change back into their other pair and split. Random. But, I do understand cold, wet, hurting feet. That I fully get … it’s the East Coast curse. So much to my surprise Santa came a little early in 2009.

Vans dropped a pair of the SK8 Mid SF in all the fleece lined fancy pants-ness off on my doorstep at the beginning of the week. Hello crummy weather, hellllooooo warm shoes.Strike what I said earlier about shoes to chlll in because these shoes met the need. Now, let me paint you a quick picture. 20 mile bike ride in 39 degree weather followed by 30 minutes skating around the only dry spot I could find. Once I got home my paws were nearly numb. The curse of liking thin shoes I guess. So a resolution was needed.

Rather than slip into my old man slippers and shuffle around mumbling about dang tre flipping kids, I shifted gears and jumped int the SK8 Mids. I forgot how loose the shoe was and after wearing Vans Eras for about a year the joys of a mid top. Warm, supportive but plush. Not the kind of fleece plush where it’s super cushy and then packs down but just enough to hammer down some insulation. Would I skate in them? Too late, already did. But, it was more commuting to the metro to go meet a friend for beers type skating. That’s the strength of the Vans surf line up which is the home of the skate fleece. It’s warm, it’s functional and to be honest the colorways are wicked smart.

So, from our official/unofficial gift guide for Holiday 2009 I can highly recommend the Vans SK8 Mid SF as something to thing about if you know somebody in that skate/surf/snowboard realm. I can be honest and say i wouldn’t run out and buy these for myself right away but damn if I haven’t worn them with a big old smile every single day they’ve landed on my doorstep.

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