All I want for Christmas #4: Quiksilver Goes Pop with Color

So after the sham, nay – the debacle, nay – the shambacle of Olympic uniform hype that seized the blogosphere the time is right post about something I actually like and use. After all Mrs. South of the North needs real holiday ideas and it looks like Santa’s getting an itchy trigger finger on ye olde credit card. So why not dig into the few product from certain brands that seem to find their way into my closet over and over?

Now I have nothing against Holden, Volcom, or any other snow brand out there (other than my current vendetta with Burton’s AK line) but there’s this wacky margin of irregularity when it comes to fit. Some brands tend to run true to fit, some much tighter and others looser. All things being equal – I’m a bigger guy six foot even and 215lbs on the mark. Sooo regular fit is always a bit snug (thanks cycling) and the tight clothes thing — forget it never happening. Always liked my gear roomier and functional. My fall back brand ever year for this? Quiksilver. The mountain and wave gear tens to run loose but not obnoxious Burton Ronin/Restricted, Technine, Special Blend team fit baggy. Function isn’t an issue as they tend to include the little details like fleece points, taped seams and every vent comes with mesh backing. Nothing worse than gaping vents.

So this year (along with Super Model Todd Richards) Quik has managed to blow up the color ratio and come out with another few bangers in the 10K range. The Everblast jacket (pictured above is either similar or the jacket Trice wore this jacket at the 2009 X Games Big air hullabaloo and needless to say it caught some eyes including mine. Needless to say 10K will keep you warm on this inside in a bulk of conditions. Factor in one of the Quik riding shirts and you should be squared away from the waist up (more on the riding shirt in a minute)so for the price tag I give this a big thumbs up. Apparently Trice does also. You ,ight be able to catch a glimpse of the jacket over here ina video from Winter X 2009

Above the waist is all well, nice and great but lets talk about the nether regions. I’ve always found pants to be the tougher sell but the Quik 10K pant is so reliable it hurts. Now looking good and having style I guess they have their place in the importance hierarchy but I’m after function first. So to See Quiksilver nail the 10k pant for the third year in a row (2008 Scorpion pant, 2009 Looks that kill pant 2010 the scorps pant) gives a good signal that the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” methodology is running. In this case that’s VERY good. Bottom line: warm, dry, uber functional and now popping with more color than 2008’s Grass green colorway (which I’m convinced other brands copied in ’09 as a test in their womens line then went all in with their 2010 line) which was in a few pants and jackets. The purple colorway jumps right the hell out (which is good) and I know there’s additional color ways that Quik never really gives full exposure to out there. Quik 10k pant – you won’t be disappointed.

So on the riding shirt front quick has actually done gone and created something I haven’t seen too much of lately. For layering on really cold days or to be worn separately they’ve gone the shacket route which would be ultra lightweight fancy pants jacket or the gnarliest base layer you can think of. Check that lining out. That’s some serious shit. Man TR looks sleepy or that’s his version of blue steel – either way it’s muy scary.

So Quik is the “go to” gear. Why? They’ve never let me down. Aspen, Breckenridge, to Tahoe to Park City to BC, to Upstate NY the gear is rock solid in all conditions. Everybody has their tale to tell of good and bad gear this just happens to be my tale of gear that hasn’t let me down yet. next go around in things I ant for Christmas we’re going to talk 686. A brand I haven’t taken to the snow yet but keep hearing great things form both consumers and shop owners. check in Mid week for that write up. Until then. later.

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