Snowboards of the Damned: Craigslist Part 1

Ah, the silly season of holiday dreams when we shill our old gear and look forward to new graphics, colorways and everything the upcoming season can give us or the flip side of that when the once a year shredder decides to sell their gear on Craigslist. These posts tend to rank high on the unintentionally funny scale because they either:

A. Bring back days of old that conjours up images for those of us who rode in what we had, then neon, then flannel and lets be honest we never really left the flannel stage letting the yo, punk rock and tight jean phase go right by us until everybody landed back on dressing like some colorblind lumberjack out of Spokane (see everything is cyclical)


B. Are so hideously priced and blatantly weird it’s clear that somebodies Mom is cleaning out their room before they come back from college. Just sayin. Now this isn’t to say that you can’t find some amazing deals on CL. I whole heartily agree with the concept of resell-recycle but for gods sake what you paid $750 for isn’t worth $750 five years later. Hell, one year old new boards typically are sold at 30-40% off. So lets examine the first in what I am sure are many cosmic craigslist snowboarding blunders.

$500 for a board, binder, boot, goggle, jacket and pant combo – quite the deal, thanks for posting. I’m pretty sure that’s a Ride board though and has absolutely nothing to do with Burton. I could be wrong so please correct me (I’m hoping it’s neither – pure comedy) However if your looking for a hot new Burton Ride (because the two companies are now connect by the Vermont Pacific north west transcontinental highway) this is your board. My big question is you dumped how much money on riding twice? Seriously, what going on there?

Complete Setup for the Christmas season. The new hotness! An old board, old boats and a bag!
Now, every time I see an ad like this that says cash only I’m tempted to meet the person check the board and then try to barter for it using seashells and shiny beads. I mean if we are approximating value that’s about right or …a sixer of OK beer. Not good beer. Just OK beer.

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