Ali Goulet: Pro Shred to Cyclocross Champion

So way back in the summer of 1993 I went to visit my buddy Casey whose family moved to Waitsfield, VT after high school. This was a nice few days of mountain biking and partying at one of those party’s I met this little snowboard guy named Ali. To this day I wonder if that nos ringed wonder was Ali Goulet. Certainly, it can’t be to far off in the realm of possibility.

Flash forward 16 years and I likely spend more time riding my bike than my snowboard just do to physical location and aS previously posted hey – I didn’t mean to branch off into cycling I just really enjoy it. So imagine my surprise in seeing a Velo News article that Ali Goulet – yes the former pro rider Ali Goulet is now dominating the US Grand Prix of Cyclocross in the 35+. Now, it didn’t shock me as most guys who have the focus to be elite in one sports are typical good in another such as Shaun White with Skateboarding or Tiger woods with Strippers.

What is a bit shocking is how good he is at it. Cyclocross is a strange beast that is growing in popularity year over year. The riders it attracts tend to be a mix of off season road racers looking to stay fit, people who embrace the counter culture roots of mountain biking and are looking to translate that fun and people who have a strange and wonderful affinity for Belgian culture. Regardless, it’s an amazing thing to watch. Here’s to Ali for kicking ass and making me feel even better about the board to bike to board jump that happens every year.

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