All I want for Christmas Part 3: 241 Survivor Jacket & 241 Explorer Pant

“Close your eyes and ask yourself where you feel most alive. Before you know it you will get carried into your future.”
-Mikey Basich
‘Open Space’

Wow. A quote as a cold open. I can’t remember the last time I actually did that. I’m sure it was when I wrote something pretty shitty or had a point to make. Well, this won’t be shitty but It’s a company that isn’t worth mentioning but more worth discussing. That would be 241 Clothing. Mikey Basich long time pro shred is the brainpower behind this one. Earlier the autumn somebody from 241 reached out and commented on SOTN a few times. This ended up putting them on my radar and asking – so what’s the deal? Simply put high quality gear that can be used season over season vs. consuming new stuff every year. Now I can get behind that concept.

last year Burton’s high fallutin’ AK gear got a little ripped up on me and sure enough they wouldn’t warranty it. Now, that got me thinking how much of that gear is tested day in and day out month over month? How many people actually have an active hand in understanding what it takes to create something not just functional but durable. My guess is there are many but it’s not a priority no matter what their marketing material says. OK, I just threw the big B under the bus but that’s not my intention here. My point is to look towards 241 as a company who has not lost the connection to their roots. matter of fact they are still firmly rooted in all things snowboarding.

You only have to watch the short film on Mikey’s life ‘Open Space’ a few times to fully realize how much the mountains, snowboarding and being out in wide open spaces imbues the sense of freedom in the brand. Looking at the survivor jacket and the explorer pant it’s pretty easy to see how the gear (constructed of 100% recycled nylon) has been deigned not just to be good looking but highly efficient. Now, no word on testing just yet as the line is pretty limited but from functional design standpoint it’s entirely worth checking out for those of us who once we get out on the snow – we don’t come back in for a very long time.

241 has a few other key pieces out this year but if you are looking for that sound investment in gear that will function over and over again check out the dealer list, go try on the gear and see if it will meet your needs. Everything I’ve looked at, checked in on says it will. 241 appears to have a simple motto – “bringing quality to your life” in our slightly over disposable snowboard culture this is a good thing.

241-USA Survivor Jacket and Explorer Pant from 241 on Vimeo.

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