Holiday Gift Idea #1: Quiksilver Cypher PS+ Heated Vest

Do you surf? Do you know someone that does? Last question, do they have a screw loose and surf through the winter in conditions that would make you think twice about going snowboarding in? If so, do we have the perfect gift for them.

The Cypher heated vest is the latest in surfing technology. Unlike the Ripcurl H-Bomb wetsuit, which incorporates heating elements and batteries within the wetsuit, the Cypher vest allows you to wear the vest under your current wetsuit. Utilizing FAR infrared technology (FAR is infrared heat sent through flat flexible carbon pads), the Cyper PS+ focuses on heating the most important part of your body, the core. The vest offers high and low heat settings, depending on how nasty it is out there. Since it’s not connected to a wetsuit, it only costs ~$200 and offers you the adaptability of using your 3/2 or 4/3. Think of it this way, you’re not spending $300-$600 on a 5/4 or 6/5.

According to Quiksilver, the PS+ vest is slightly heavier than your average rashguard. With the heat tranferred through the carbon pads, the vest allows you to flex and flow as you normally would. Charging duties are through a wall or car charger.

But Charlie don’t surf, we snowboard. Rumor is that the Quik snow team has also been running the PS+ vest under their outerwear in subzero conditions. If Travis Rice and Kelly Slater approve, who are you to disagree?

The main benefit of the PS+ vest? You don’t have to feel like and look like the Michelin Man when you surf. Chicks totally don’t dig that. Look for a full review once the snow falls on the beach.

One thought on “Holiday Gift Idea #1: Quiksilver Cypher PS+ Heated Vest

  1. Buyer Beware: The battery placement causes some discomfort under the wetsuit. When the battery is worn inside the sewed-in pouch of the vest, it digs into my side and ribs slightly. I ended up taking it out of the pouch and placing it higher up on my side under my arm. This resulted in more comfort, but my wetsuit seams ended up splitting because of where the battery was hitting. I think it would work better to have the battery placed more towards your back, completely out of the way of your ribs and side. The vest itself works great otherwise and certainly kept me much warmer. It's very easy to turn off/on throughout your session and use it when you need it most.

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