Red Bull Project X (or Runway)

So the latest social media brandtastic firm to hit us up with the coolest interwebs bro-down in all of MyTwitFaceSpace was all about the RedBull project X that YoBeat and Boardistan were hyping over the weekend. It’s worth checking out the video but you need to dig into Red Bull Project X to find some of the better stuff.

So, now the kitty is out of the bag in a big way with Red Bull Project X. I think the message board chatter last year was how the half pipe was in an avy zone and how spoiled Shaun was. Bottom line, lets be honest, maybe 10 people in the world can ride pipe at his level. So I’m sure all the haters can keep on hating while Shaun cashes the Target checks. There gets to be a point where you wonder: “OK, private half pipe but you are at Silverton…” So it was nice to see some powder lines, get the understanding of what that little hill is all about. I typically don’t go for the whole “it’s progression bro” thing with pipe jocks preferring the “ride the mountain” contest concept like Baker Banked Slalom or Quiksilver’s Natural Selection but watching some of Shaun’s tricks is kinda freakish. I have to admit there’s progression going on in them hills.

With this being an Olympic year and all it makes sense they’d start preparing early so I hope it pays off for everybody who had to toss bombs, build pipes and construct foam pits. Shit, seems like snowboarding would be the easy part in that equation. However, I get the sense that with Shaun it’s not about things that come easy but trying new things. I mean if Halloween is any indicator this year will be new an intersting forms of experimentation in everything he does.

Note: Red Bull didn’t give us jack crap in exchange for posting this story. We’ve been known to buy Red Bull when working at our day jobs but we’d prefer to not admit enjoying it without a delicious version of Vodka. Just sayin’

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