How We Doing: October Numbers

So, October has come and gone. A fun month for sure that saw a nice Indian Summer for a single day on the East Coast. Monsoon like rain for most days while our buddies in the rockies got drilled with Snow. I think Hoon did a bunch of surfing and I continued to ride my bike and skate. Ahhhhh – fun. is slowly crawling out of the cellar from our summer hiatus. Other bloggers went shredding, travelled picked fights with Burton or started getting on the road. We simply put up a few easy posts about stuff we like and ideas rambling around in our head. At the end of the day we pulled in about 17,130 visits and 31,760 page views which comes to about 1.85 pages per visit. So about 1,000 people comes to SOTN daily.

All in all, we still aren’t soliciting advertising and continue to say what we want – when we want. Granted we mostly talk about the good stuff but it’s a small operation what can I say but this: thanks for checking us out in October. November should be even more fun.

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