When Worlds Collide Part 1: RVCA X Cinelli

This post may have some rambling parts but stick with me as I have a few things to get off my chest. Previously, the motto here at South of the North was “Trust Your Gut and Take Chances Daily.” Basically, un beholden to anybody we were going to say what we wanted, when we wanted about who wanted. I think it’s pretty safe to assume that SOTN strayed from that mission and we began playing it safe. Not that anything was awful it just wasn’t really South of the North. Sneaker drops, press releases …all that stuff is still interesting but it’s information without the idea. Basically … no soul.

Everything has to have some soul. Also, to be quite honest the world of collaborations seemed to go from doing inserting things to “doing for the sake of doing.” Which from a creative standpoint is terrifying or awful pending on what mood you may be in. So we quickly went form unique & interesting to an overflow of stuff. We just had more stuff but there are a few exceptions. Rarely does something cross my eye what has unique cultural value in filling a void, an aesthetic that is pleasing and to be honest brings together a few things I love. The RVCA X Cinelli “Pressure” series achieved all of those. it’s a tall order but well filled.

The back story here is that along with skating and snowboarding – I come from a family of cyclist, more importantly racers. riding has always been a constant in my life – to work, with the family, on a beer run, to the skatepark but I never really committed to it. After tweaking a knee this year in Utah I came back to DC resolved to be healthy and better prepared for next year. Like the addiction of skating and snowboarding I fell down the rabbit hole of cycling and landed hard. Eight months later I’m part of DC cycling team, posted some OK results and am looking forward to next years track season. So when I began catching up on the RVCA x Cinelli collab here was something that on a personal level bridged the worlds of skate-surf-snow, art and cycling. Seeing the art roll across with the timeless Cinelli badge and the RVCA name was a fulfilling sight for my eyes.

You see – skating, snowboarding, surfing they are not different at all from the culture of cycling. I don’t think fixies are the new skateboard. Nope, don’t think that at all. But, there is a passion, a freedom and a rising from the communities that partakes in any of these sports (hobbies, lifestyle, whatever) that will fill the void and become this amazing legacy. Somehow RVCA who is in their formative years has forged a bond with one of the most Iconic companies in cycling providing a unique interpretation of Cinelli’s legacy. Now, it’s good not to try and need a brand of or a label to define you but the melding of these two created something that again — bridged gaps. So I may be late to the game with this post seeing how old the collab is but one can only hope that more companies follow suit in what they work together to generate vs. just creating.

It’s highly doubtful that you can find one of the frames aside from online but some of the shirts are still available online. Well done RVCA and Cinelli. For more information you can check out the Gallery opening from back in 2008. Hopefully they’ll keep this relationship alive and well between the two brands for a few more years. The each companies soul is complimentary to one another. See? I I brought it all back to center. You gotta have soul. Where does SOTN fit into this hot mess of an update. well we are figuring our soul out all over again. If you don’t change you die and we need to evolve as they two brand have pushing the medium of art, design, engineering, stability and speed. So for now we are done trusting our gut and taking chances instaed we are simply South of the North – skate, shred, sprint, surf and maybe, just maybe, more of saying what we want. Besides while we like everything about RVCA and Cinelli – we loooove the Cinelli Vigorelli as seen below fully built. Not that is bad ass. (if you are planning on hauling ass around a velodrome) Just sayin’it’s all sorts of “bella bella”.

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