Things We Like part 7: Darren Harper is All Caps

I’m not sure how you could not appreciate skateboarding at any level. Whether it’s teaching my kids what an ollie is or watching Lance Mountains backyard pool part from ‘Extremely Sorry’ there’s a purity to skating that remains untouched. Maybe I’m being optimistic but I think that remains true even at the most basic level. Of course it doesn’t hurt that the most people who skate are just straight up f*cking awesome.

Lets be honest you can not see somebody you skated with for eons and then you’ll both be laughing. OPf course with Facebook it’s easier to stay in touch with people. My latests favorite is Darren Harper. I’ve met Darren a whopping two times through my buddy Colin Bane however if I see an all caps facebook status update I guarantee you it’s because D-Streets is on the road, out skating, playing music or throwing a party. How can you not like being connected to somebody like that? Everybody should be his friend I say.

3 thoughts on “Things We Like part 7: Darren Harper is All Caps

  1. Good point anonymous – Darren makes no apologies for being from the streets and his limited involvement in the drug game is well documented. So lets take your surely xenophobic comment and break it down for what it really is: hatred of one mans accomplishments.Street hustler to pro skater may not be the aspiration or career path we hope for children and adolescents to follow but here's where the power of Darren's story is – transformation. The ability to find a passion and pursue a much harder road. I hope that Darren sticks with it. The man is incredibly talented and lots of people may not be backing him financially but we are cheering for him in this life to be successful.feel free to come back any time and leave more passive aggressive negative comments underneath the veil of an anonymous user. When you are feeling so awesome about yourself go and crack a nice kickflip over a jersey barrier or go back to your bitter little world and watch Darren do it on Youtube. It would be easy to call you some sort of name or write you off but the reality is …you're just sad.

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