October Shop Check #1: PITCREW

Looking back at all the years driving to New York from DC and never knowing what was nearby I shake my head in how foolish I was. The move to DC was back in 1996 so for several years I would drive up 15 north to visit old friends and family back in Upstate NY, each time passing through Frederick Maryland without a single thought about for stopping save for the spare tank of gas or coffee. Even when i started making regular runs to my little mole hill resorts in PA …. again through Frederick never stopping in to see if there was any local scene brewing.

That just goes to show how the best things are sometimes right in front of you. Since 1994 PITCREW has been serving skaters & snowboarders in MD, DC, VA and PA as they come through to skate or hit up one of the local hills from some snow slashin’. So it only seems fair that we lead off the seasons shop checks with PITCREW as they are leading off this year with a new website, online shopping and a grip into what is selling and what’s coming next in their shop.

Lucky for me through the power of facebooks I connected with the Mighty Nate Musson who shared a few details on what’s moving in skate and snow lately along with what’s going to be coming next. According to Musson 32 Lashed Boots are on fire as are Lib Sk8 Bananas. This doesn’t come as any sort of a shock the 32 Lashed is one of the most consistent boots in fit, function and is icnredibly lightweight. With JP Walker & Simon chamberlain holding it down for 32 they get plenty of face tiem in the vidoe and this here interwebs. We don’t have to say much about the Lib Skate Banana – either you love it or you don’t. All I know is that the Mervin faithful are down for it and the Lib Lynn Phoenix board of mine with BTX was a good time in the pow last year.

I was pretty excited to hear Nate say they were “expecting to see increased demand for Union Bindings and Stepchild Snowboards. I’ve said it before about Capita (who devours everything) and I’ll say it about Union who is under the same parent (C-3) those guys know how to keep it fun. That permeates Capita Decks and Union Binders so no surprise there. Over on the Stepchild side of the spectrum this is something that sets Pitcrew aside from other shops in the area – looking for the smaller brand and bringing it into the market. Personally I dig the latchkey ripper deck graphics for the obvious skate reference. If I spent more time in the park actually learning how to spin on and off rails instead of bringing the method late 180 back for the 13th consectuive year … I’d consider this deck.

The skate front is usually pretty simple and with the way the skate world works it all hums seamlessly or it splinters into a frenzy with everybody going their own direction.Currently it’s a pretty calm as Nate let us know Girl Mike Mo decks have been hot and Lakai Manchester Selects. Looking ahead the Manchester will likely stay hot at Pitcrew and they anticipate Deathwish boards to pick up or possibly Flip with the wide release of Extremely sorry. Again, the skate world moves in unison one minute and is like a bunch of methed up kittens going in every different direction the next. When in doubt just drop in to your local skate shop. talk to the staff and they’ll tell you what’s up.

So that’s Pitcrew for the month of October. Now, if you are ready to shred your pants off this winter and are looking to convert that old set up to cash for a new set up. Haul ass to Bonita W. Mass Mini Park on Second Street just around the corner from the shop on October 24th and 25th for the PITCREW snowboard swap and sale. Thanks to Nate Musson for chiming inand if you are in Frederick MD stop in to PITCREW. Next Week Pure Board Shop then we’ll close out on Halloween with Alpine. Until then remember to buy locally and support shops that are helping build your skate and snowboard scene.

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