Things We Love pt 6: Quiksilver Gives Alex Olson Trousers Deluxe

A few months back a box arrived with a sample pair of the Alex Olson skate denim that Quiksilver claims was engineered for skating. Before I close out “Things We Love” for the week with Mr. Olson’s special skate pants I figured I better come clean. I have to lay my cards on the table here with a single statement: Quiksilver does an amazing job with their denim. Several years ago they took our Washington DC homeboy, Mr. Skate team manager himself for Quik, Reese Forbes and did a fancy pants re imagining of what skate denim could be. In this process they loaded coolmax into the jeans. now I don’t know if you’ve ever skated DC on a summer day when it’s 85 degrees and 90% humidity but this was godsend. Coupled with a clean lines, a regular fit and nothing gaudy the denim became a staple in many a wardrobe – including mine. So, when I saw the package from Quiksilver and opened it there were immediate expectations for Alex Olson’s signature skate denim.

That was almost 3-4 months ago. Since then the Olson’s have become the South of the North “go to” pair of pants. The denim is dark enough to wear with anything. Clean looking enough to wear into my office. Sturdy enough to survive a skate session with more desperate attempts thrown than tricks landed. Yes, there may have been a day or 15 recently where I transitioned from speaking on a media panel or with a sales force and then changed shirts and shoes to skate my local bowl. That versatility is priceless when you only have 35 minutes to skate before being called back home. But enough about my scheduling hell here’s what almost threw me. Yep the change …

The new Quik skate denim comes with a gusseted crotch. Upon seeing this it sent me mentally back to the craptacualr Volcom ergo jean. That V-Co jean some loved but I loathed never fit well and I’d call it the precursor to the skinny jean revolution. But, the regular fit Olson denim surprised me – the gusset was seamless and actually provides a better fit. This is probably why it doesn’t explode into denim deconstruction around the sac section. Having worn more than my fair of pants in this lifetime it’s pretty slick when you actually add in seams and fabric but improve fit while reducing stress points. Unsure how they pulled that off but Quiksilver has managed to make it work in the signature skate series denim.

I’m pretty lucky the opportunity arose to review something I’d like. Over four years I’ve owned six pairs of Reese Forbes jeans from Quik. I’ve put my own cash into this product because it’s that good. If the Olson’ didn’t cut it I’d send ’em right back out the door. When I get something that fits right, functions well at the skatepark, in the office, on the bike, traveling across country, while pitching new business ideas or chasing my kids around the house … then I consider it worth holding up for everyone to see. I’m happy to proclaim the new skate denim from Quik gets an official “trousers deluxe” nod from South of the North. Those previously mentioned expectations were met and surpassed. Yes, these things we love.

Check out Mr. Trousers Deluxe in the Quik skate team video from Chicago ( make sure you catch Justin Brock gettin’ all sorts of Carolina blue on here as well)

Also – worth noting noting
Reese Forbes still has a signature jean

As does Danny garcia

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