Things We Love part 5: Getting Ed Hardy Hate Mail

Seriously, I love hate mail when it has to do with ripping on something lame like Ed Hardy. Here are several gems I received today in regard to three: yes three articles from almost a year ago. Looks like the Ed Hardy marketing team or at least the Jersey Guido posse is ready to protect their rep. So, uh, watch up for fish face, fake tans, roid rage, bad t-shirts with matching hats and hair gel. What sparked their rage well check out the links and their comments. I’ll call epic fail on this one for
A. signing in as anonymous (mousey little turds)
B. defending the latest giant stink nugget to descend from the bowels of snowboarding.

So now I share with you the random blitz of comments that arrived on Wednesday afternoon…

Another Sign of the Apocalypse: Ed Hardy Snowboards
Anonymous said:
you’re an idiot and need to get a life….I snowboard and find nothing what you said to be valid or worthy. If you love riding so much, why the hell do you care what people are riding on or what they’re wearing?….looks like your a faggot and have nothing else to do.

Wow, you got me there. ZINNNNNNGGGGGGG! Aside from the typos and rampant homophobia I feel really bad (not really) But wait there’s more! Minutes later another comment appeared on the same post!

Anonymous wrote:
I think it’s great that they are coming into the industry. After all there are a lot of mom and pop stores and normal retail chains that are shutting their doors after years of business. The old shit isn’t selling why not bring a product into the market that actually may sell and help us to keep our doors open a little longer. It’s too bad you don’t see the big picture. You must still be in high school though…

Ahhh the big picture economic theory. This guy must be a Harvard MBA with the finely tuned economic analysis. Here’s some information professor. Shops are shutting down because we are in a recession. I’m sure between getting your hat all airbrushed to match your flash art shirt while and blowing the those hard earned car wash dollars in Vegas you may have heard of the massive economic decline. Surely you must have. Because Burton, Lib, Yes, Capita, Vans, DC they have no clue what they are doing … oh yeah and way to insult the rest of the industry. Now you think they would leave it at that but minutes later …

Anonymous wrote:
Didn’t we get into this sport to not be judged and told what we can and can’t do?? Pretty hypocritical don’t you think? I’m sorry I like living in the land of the free. It’s losers like you that one day will ruin the economy bro.. And I not only fucked your girlfriend but your sister as well and with my Ed Hardy tee shirt on..

First homophobia, then the worst economic rational for a new brand ever … now misogynistic tendencies that degrade women. Way to go guys. By the way since you can’t seem to buy a clue with all your hard earned tool cash. Snowboarding was birthed from a few individuals who were looking to create a new kind of experience. Not cash in on a sport with a cheesy brand and lets be honest you are cashing in … the false bravado is a bit weak. So that being said I thought I could close the door on this. But… over on this post

Now Accepting Positions for Pro Douchebags: Ed Hardy Snowboards
From Anonymous:
maybe they can bring something good to the sport. you never know. why all the judgement? It’s America doesn’t everybody have a dream. Ohh I forgot the people that actually have the time to blog all their hate don’t have jobs they just live off their parents. Grow up . Besides you don’t own the sport . Won’t it help everyone in the long run and finally get us some of the recognition and support we’ve been looking for? For such amazing people you sure are closed minded.

Wait, who is getting the recognition? Ed Hardy? Because let me be the first to tell you snowboarding doesn’t need Ed Hardy. Snowboarding needs passionate dedicated individuals who care about the products the put out for riders and ensuring riders get the best board, boot, outerwear possible. We don’t need a company that is going to loot and rape our soul to turn a quick buck. Finally we got another grip of commentary on this one

The Ed Hardy Snowboard and Obama Snowboard – You Can’t Make This Up
Anonymous said:
YOU are a loser and have no life! I ride on an Ed Hardy board and am proud of it! The funny thing is, I could care less what the hell you ride on or what you think.

Well you cared enough to write in and defend your board of choice…
and Anonymous also wrote
you know nothing about Don Ed Hardy or the clothing line. I think it’s cool that they have the vintage inspired tattoo art on the boards.. And they are his designs and he is involved. You sound so ignorant like the guy who votes for the president of the US before learning anything about him.

Hmmmm You might want to rethink that. If I’m not mistaken this little nugget is from our good friends at Wikipedia:

In 2004, Christian Audigier licensed the rights to produce the high-end Ed Hardy clothing line, which is based on Hardy’s imagery. Prior to the Ed Hardy clothing line, Audigier was the Head Designer at Von Dutch Originals, which marketed the imagery of Kenny Howard. Audigier has attempted to replicate the marketing techniques employed by Von Dutch Originals, by marketing directly to celebrity clients and by opening stores in high profile fashion districts. Ed Hardy stores are located in many locations internationally including the Americas, Europe, Asia & the Middle East.

In May 2009, Iconix Brand Group, Inc. announced that the Company has acquired a 50% interest in Hardy Way, LLC, the owner of the Ed Hardy brand and trademarks. The Company paid $17 million for its interest in Hardy Way, consisting of $9 million in cash and $8 million in stock. In addition, the sellers could be entitled to receive an additional $1 million in stock pursuant to an earn-out based on 2009 royalties received by Hardy Way. Hardy Way estimates that 2009 royalty revenue will be approximately $10 million.

Great so we have the tool who brought us those weak Von Dutch trucker caps now shoving another licensed brand down consumers throats. Since Von Dutch lasted all of a minute and Ed Hardy should be popping up in Wal Mart any second now I’d say congratulations on a mediocre branding job done. But what does Don”Ed” Hardy care? He walked with enough cash to laugh at all of us. The point being no – this is a licensed brand that sucks all that is good from snowboarding as you try to go after cash instead of building a scene for snowboarding.

Again, epic fail. So let me reiterate. Ed Hardy snowboards just doesn’t make sense. Shitty flash tattoo art and trying to capitalize on the popularity of snowboarding. I know most people don’t give a shit but please for the love of god just stop. Sending a blitz of comments to detract just brings more attention to how weak you are. When Burton or any other company is called out, they take it because to engage is to expose weakness. So, I’m guessing I touched a nerve with what you must hear daily. The giant sound of your entire line sucking. But, thanks for writing in this is a nice segue way into “things we love part 6 – airline barf bags”. We keep a bunch stashed away in the event of a mass douchebag hysteria.

So let me make this clear for those of you in the cheap seats
1. I love hate mail
2. Snowboarding doesn’t need Ed Hardy
3. It’s odd to get this many message on old articles.
4. Now if my tone and tenor don’t convey the message to all of you out there here’s a lesson I learned from Bike Snob NYC when it comes to haters …

Quick Update – As long as we are commenting on old news…
2/9/09 News: Don Ed Hardy Sues Christian Audigier Over Clothing Line
The Associated Press has reported that Don Ed Hardy has filed a $100 million lawsuit against Christian Audigier over the continued use of his name and artwork to endorse a line of products when Hardy had terminated the contract between them. According to the blog on, there’s a pretty extensive list of contract violations made by Audigier, including the use of his name to endorse an endless line of unrelated products such as perfumes, water and air fresheners. Hardy also claims that Audigier has failed to share the profits as contractually agreed upon back in 2005, and even went as far as to underreport the actual earnings from the Ed Hardy line so he wouldn’t have to pay full royalties.

So, if you’re wearing “Ed Hardy” perfume or drinking “Ed Hardy” bottled water, thinking that you’re supporting the man whose name is stamped on the over-priced item, you might actually just be perpetuating another money hungry conglomerate willing to take advantage of the “little guy” for its own selfish means. I hope Hardy gets everything he’s asking for and more.

7 thoughts on “Things We Love part 5: Getting Ed Hardy Hate Mail

  1. Nice! Classic. Ed Hardy selling snowboards is like KY announcing they are going to sell motor oil- it's like WTF??Hmm, that gives me an idea- KY should sell hair gel-licensed under the Ed Hardy name, man they'd KILL it!!

  2. Fuck Ed Hardy. I saw the ad for their hat/neck gaitor thing in the latest Snowboard issue and laughed. I thought if its good enough for Jon from Jon and Kate and Lohan's dads its good enough for me. And if they want to talk about the economy, why the fuck are they trying to take business away from real snowboarders. FUCK THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. back off! i like wearing my ed hardy shirt, with my ed hardy cologne, with my ed hardy air fresheners in my car, with my ed hardy shoes! it's fresh yo! and I banged your mom and your sis, and your grandma!

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