Things We Like pt 4: Zombies, Snowboards and Capita – Oh My

I saw this on Der Kommissar Johan’s Blog a few days ago but it took sales rep wunderkind Brad Bradley to remind me that the kids at Capita got their website rolling for 2010. Ordinarily unless it had compelling video plus killer boards plus something that made me spit coffee onto my monitor I’d leave it along but Capita could not have timed this better. Sure Capita boards ride great. Yes Johan finally got the Charlie Slasher pushed through and even though I love my Malolo I have feeling Chuck n’ Slash will devour it. But none of those are the reasons for timing – no – I think they planned this all around zombies.

OK, not all the graphics are zombies and you could even venture to say that none of the graphics are zombies but damn it they remind me of zombies and zombies are awesome. I caught Zombieland over the weekend, cracklin’ crap shooters was that a damn good zombie movie. You know why? it had all the right ingredients including but not limited to: zombies, shotguns, bad jokes, Metallica in the opening credits, Bill Murray, Zombies, chainsaws, amusements parks and zombie clowns. Zombie clown – do you know how bad ass zombie clowns are? Pretty bad ass that’s how bad ass they are! So in looking at the 2010 Capita website it struck a chord with me as they said “we devour everything”. Even a zombie has to chow down on the smorgasboard of fun. N’ that why we like Capita – yes the boards are top notch but like a good zombie movie they freak you out one minute and make you laugh the next. That’s what’s good about snow slash – yay’ing really it should be the most fun and the scariest thing you ever do. Once the two are co-mingled it’s all fun and you forget ever being scared. Then you can just be scared of zombies.

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