Things We Like pt 3: Vans Snow Outerwear (& Paas Easter eggs & Christmas Lights)

Earlier this year I came across the Vans snow outerwear for 2009 – 2010 season and my head started to find the rationale for not just bringing some color into their line … no they lit it up like the 4th of July. The guys and gals at Vans have been kind enough to send me some of their pieces in the past to test out. So, from a use standpoint there was really no denying their functionality. from my perspective they were in the best of class scenario. From the gore-tex jackets to the Wiig pro series it was always rock solid. I will say this also, in the past the Vans outerwear line has had interesting fabrics and patterns. But, it from a shop perspective I never heard it moved well nor did I hear that it was the first thing customers noticed. Two tough obstacles to overcome but holy crapsticks did vans just push their chips to the middle of the table for the ’10 season with a color palette that I’d be more likely to find at rave up version of an Easter egg dyeing party.

A little color is good but lots of color is better. Now, they have some solid simmered down pieces for you to chose from if you aren’t into looking like my crazy neighbors Christmas light explosion (oh btw this year it’s on I have $768 US Dollars that say he’s going down and my electric bill is going up!)which is good. But, but a little vibrance on the hill will be good. Now, Vans isn’t leading this trend as this year it seems to be less patterns, less earth tone and more color … I almost want to say saturation. For the full effect you need to check out the redesigned Hopefully we’ll have a little more info on these pieces as they roll into shops out east but for right now , well done Vans in bringing a little bit of the bright back.

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