Monument Snowboards 2010 Site Up & Running

So I was banging away on the intarweb the other day trying to find the end of it all. Between last weeks Burton debacle on Yobeat and the despair of seeing Colorado slopes open while the beast coast was a warm 65 degrees Fahrenheit …finding the end of the world wide web seemed appropriate. While traveling at the not so fiber optic speed of candlelight I stumbled across the Monument Snowboards website.

It was the 2009 site.

So I called up Dave from Monument or as I call him – El Presidente* Now, Dave said the site would be up Sunday October 11th. Sure enough it has arrived: Ladies and gentlemen – the Monument 2010 site is live. Pics, clips and the 2010 board line up.

So here’s the good the bad and the ugly

Good … boards with art curated across the lineup from the likes of Kelsey Brookes and several others. Kelsey provided the visuals and soul of the Memento Mori which is kinda stunning in a creepy what would happen if Tim Burton remade the movie ‘Black Hole’

Bad … hmmm took me few minutes to actually find the boards. Also where’s the minor threat rip off t shirt I keep pleading for you to make. That worked out so well for Nike SB. The over under on Dave yelling at me? even money. it’s gonna happen.

Ugly – Splash page, ew.

Now if it would snow we could place these snowboards under our feet and test them. Until then it’s websites, bikes & skateboards.

* Note under new FTC rules I have to disclose all relationships with companies I mention. So, I know Dave we hang out. Drink beers. Discuss Vietnamese Cuisine. Go snowboard on Monument snowboards and hang out n’ stuff. OK, thanks FTC I feel the same way as the one time I had to explain to somebody why I asked Chick A vs. Chick B to the prom. Awkward.

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