A week to remember: Hitler takes a Banana, Bloggers and the FTC, YoBeat vs. Burton, Hoon changes another diaper

So it was a big week for snowboarding. About 8 weeks later than the rest of you, I learned that Hitler snowboards and got suckered into buying a reverse camber snowboard from Lib Tech. I also learned that he is a model, he reviewed Transformers, hates the new Boeing plane and is into BMX and mountain biking. Man, he’s a busy mass murdering dictator. And all I could think about was how could such a loser in a tight suit with a cheap comb-over and a fucked-up moustache convince a nation to go apeshit and how could he get so much ass?

The Federal Trade Commission (aka the FTC) announced that starting December 1, bloggers need to disclose their sponsorships, payments, etc. or get fined. So going forward, we’ll have to disclose any cash payments, freebies, schwag or other crap that we get from companies, PR agencies and the like. Honestly, I think that full disclosure is warranted, when cash is involved, but other wise it’s kinda silly. In advance of that deadline, I’d like to disclose the following items that I have received from various companies. Padre, I have received some very exciting stuff:

  • Some leftover clothes for my wife from Roxy when she was pregnant
  • Some leftover sales samples from Analog, including a one-piece that blew up on the coldest day of the winter. I think I still see the cumstains from the excitement (I kid, I kid)
  • A few leftover t-shirts that don’t fit my fat ass
  • An iPhone surf report app (the review is coming I swear!)
  • A leftover Never Summer SL-R 155 (such a rad board in UT)
  • A bunch of leftover sales catalogs and a few stickers (not diecuts, DOH)
  • Some leftover stuff from Pro-tec when I busted my kidney (teenage girls made fun of my turtle shell)

Ok with that out of the way, the latest drama involves YoBeat versus Burton. Evidently Brooke from YoBeat visited the Burton compound as part of their annual Fall Bash over the last weekend. She posted her experience here. Someone from Burton called asking “WTF? We don’t like you and are pissed that you were trashin’ on our company party.” Brooke then took down the post. Other people posted it elsewhere and THEN Brooke responded on her personal blog here with a post that said “dudes, I’m a journalist, what’s the big deal?” So, now the original post is back on YoBeat. Phew. Anyway, my take on this he said/she said is that like many things on the Interweb, it’s probably blown way out of proportion. Everyone is speculating about new media, crazy, eye-ball strategies and something that is more complex than the Da Vinci code. Honestly, I got bored after Todd Richards (he’s so dreamy) weighed in and said “this is all total crap.” (holy shit, did he mention my name in the comments?).

Oh and by the way, I’ve now just changed my daughter’s third poopy diaper in the last two hours. Ahhh, I never realized how much dealing with my daughter and the snowboard Internetz are so similar. Fatherhood rocks!

Some interesting footnotes:
 *Hitler was a very, very, very, very bad man.
*Caramel fountains, hot dogs and hoon: a natural fit. 
*Note to Action Sports companies: I love you and will continue to do so as long as you send your leftover castaways. Pay it forward biotch!*Looking for Brooke’s blog, I accidentally googled “Brooke Berry” to find Brooke and found this instead (SFW I promise).
*Poopy diapers are not a laughing matter. Or are they called poopie diapers? 

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