Controversy 101: Nazi’s Going Bananas

I get a kick when people play that game “OK if you could change history what would you do?” Most people say “I wouldn’t have married my ex-wife” or “I would have worn a rubber” I had one friend say “Kill Hitler.” Everybody sort of stopped drinking thought about it and then said “Yeah”. Killing is not socially acceptable as we all no but then again Hitler was a massive fuck head pioneering new levels of diplomatic hell and genocidal atrocities. So, fuck him. That being said Watching any actor play Hitler and get angry is pure comedy.

I just find it extra funny being set to the dispute over BTX or as the lyrics says “Right up to your face and dissed you”

So lets recap before we get to the funny video.

Nazi’s = Bad
Pissed off Hitler Funny = funny & awkward
Banana traction tech = on blast
South of the North = Needs another cup of coffee because we spit out the first one laughing at the Travis Rice name drops in the video

4 thoughts on “Controversy 101: Nazi’s Going Bananas

  1. the question is who produced it. if it's one of the company's listed in his diatribe, my hat is off to them as it's an awesome viral video stemming the tide of reverse camber.

  2. to whomever wrote this article,you, my friend, are one of the dumbest people I have ever encountered on this earth. Not only did that article make no sense, you also have no idea what your talking about. You think the makers of that video also did the filming? You're retarded. This dubbed video has been around for ages and gets used all the time. Here is one of your politians of choice here's one of your favorite pastime: the conclusions I've made from that thing you consider an "article": there is no controversy. you are as bad of a writer as you probabley are person.

  3. CT,First up – don't punk out leave an e-mail address if you're gonna get nasty.Second because your low rent ass didn't get the joke I'll shout: IT'S CALLED SARCASM!!! So next time we'll be sure to unleash the blinding white flash just for you.As for the source of the footage no kidding —they didn't film this? (Note for CT here – that was sarcasm)So CT in short a few bits of advice 1. Don't take everything you read seriously. Especially on the internet. Really buddy you're going to blow out an o ring if you stress this much.2. Spell check. It's quick. It's easy and it takes 30 seconds. When your going after the writing of somebody else try not to look like a douche because you wrote something like "politians" or "probabley"3. Put down the copy of douchebags for dummies.

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