3 thoughts on “1620

  1. funny cause angrysnowboarder had this footy early this morning then the link went invalid… then all of a sudden tonight its on all these sites at once. its sick and landed pretty damn clean. in the progression vs style war i come down on style. so yes i can totally respect what hes doing but ill call it awesome when some one can flat spin it and make it look super good. again im not saying its weak its mind blowing im just a style guy but props to him for being first through that door.

  2. Awesome concept, and much respect for throwing that down, but I'm with the first guy. Style rules. What's next? A pommel horse and un-even bars? Granted it was clean and landed with minimal hand drag, I get just as fired up when I see a boned out back 180 mute off a cliff into 24" of fresh

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