WTF You Said: Burton Message Board RIP, Nike Snowboard 2010 preview, Skate Banana’s

I meant to turn this around last Friday but I was enjoying the nice 85 degree zero humidity and high altitude of Northern Colorado so now you get it. A week spent a mile up in the mountains will do you right and lemme tell you another thing it’s nice to get away from the craptacular humidity here on the beast coast. Seriously, when I got off the plane it was like being hit with a wet towel. Less about my travelling. Lets talk about … you.

The best thing about South of the North is that it’s given me a platform to say and post what I want. Recently I’ve extended the offer to others for posting and it’s been fun watching the feedback flow in. But, what’s even more fun is watching the comments pile up on posts old and new.

I figured I’d throw up a few gems. Why? Because. typically these posts are 50% entertaining and 50% truth. Plus when I read something and it makes me laugh … everybody should have the opportunity to read it as well. So here’s what the f*ck you said recently:

Anonymous in response to Hoon’s Burton message Board RIP write up

I think it is a good move by Burton to do this. Yes there is a lot of hate out there, but we are moving forward in time not backwards. Forums are a traditional means of communicating on the web for years but this is new. Do u still have cassettes and vinyls or even cd’s? I don’t I have mp3’s, why? cause its 2009……I dont have DVD’s cause i use Apple Tv. I dont have a forum cause i sue FB and Twitter and communites such as Burton’s….People need to get over change and stop freaking out…Of course they can still ask questions and all that jazz on the new site, and maybe they find they can do more…I am sure all the haters are not web retards so they should appreciate up to date functionality. 1 thing that Burton could of done better is give the BMB crew some better notice, but hey, if it is full of haters anyway maybe they dont want them to transition over…my 2 cents!

First up – it’s shame the author didn’t have the balls to sign their name to this. This is a good opinion. Right. Wrong. Discourse is good it breeds new ideas. I’ve signed anon before and it never sits well. Now lets be honest anytime Burton does anything … it’s fun to poke fun at the one time rebel face of snowboarding turned marketing juggernaut. As for the Burton Message Baords. I never really took part so it’s no big loss on my part. I’ll just leave it at this: Burton is innovative on many fronts when it comes to the world of shred, no doubt but why does their website seem to be an after thought? The answer is simple – they are a snowboard company not a digital design firm, duh. Good stuff though from our anon friend. Thanks for chiming in.

Next up … Nike Snowboarding boots in 2010. Oh damn we got all sorts of intewebs chatter. This is pretty much an epiclygood read. Also when Mrs. SOTN starts asking me why I’m laughing as the plane starts to make it way down the runway this was an excellent item to point to. She wasn’t impressed but I certainly was. We’ve got all sorts of answers, opinons and passive agressive insults. I loved the “move to france” comment byt he way

Cameron said…

First of all I’m not saying that you should buy only American made products or that a lot of smaller brands are not owned by larger corporations. I’m saying Nike is some bullshit. In the 20+ years snowboarding has been around they didn’t have an interest until it became a multibillion dollar a year business. Now they jump in and want to take over. Nike has the power to monopolize aspects of the industry as per Mr. I will never buy anything but Nike again. Every pair of Nike boots on the shelf reduces the chances of success for a new upstart company. That is the greatest thing about this country, we have the power to create a market free of monopolization if we, under a common interest, do what it takes and stay informed.

I love snowboarding, I love the snowboarding industry. The shop I worked for just closed down after 22 years because people don’t support local shops anymore. They cannot compete with on line prices. That is why people have nowhere to go so someone can tell them of products other than Nike. People (or us sheep) get our info from advertising sources. Flip through a Transworld or Snowboarder and see how many ads Nike has compared to other companies such as 32.

I know the companies I ride. I’ve put two years and over 200 days on a pair of 32 lashed boots made by Sole Technology, Inc. based out of Lake Forrest, CA. And my Lib Tech made by Mervin Manufacturing based out of Carlsberg, Washington started by SNOWBOARDERS Mike Olson and Pete Saari in 1977 and are still based in the US to this day. I know that with manufacturing costs it is not efficient to make everything in the states so you gotta do what you gotta do. I’m sure I have gear made all over the world that’s not the point. The point is that we, as supporters of the greatest sport in the world, need to make informed decisions and keep some control over the business of our passion.

ideans said…

If other boot companies like 32 didn’t suck so much i would support them but at least nikes shit doesnt fall apart the first freaking day such as the “Core” company’s

Cameron said…

idiot, I mean ideans, I know how you feel. Like when your mom fell apart the first day I rode her. This is what you do. Rock your Nikes, turn Soulja boy up real loud in your Skullcandy’s and go hang out at the hill by your local middle school. Make sure to do what everyone else is doing and under no circumstances think for yourself. That could be dangerous.

I’m done with it. Apparently no one gets it. Fu*k it, buy Nike. Even better buy Nike boots from directly from Nike or even eBay. If we work real hard we can put all the local shops out of business.

Just do it!

Screw it, I’m going to start skiing.

gabelam said…

holy f*ck

(OK, so gabelam is our weak link)
cody said…

cameron’s a doosh. best ideas, best products will always do well. and if nike has the ability to make the best product… so be it. as for your core companies… one of which i own (we don’t do boots cuz nike and other core co.s make them better than we can right now)… they better get on it… if they’re so “core” then they should be able to out-do nike… knowing their consumer, market and sport better than nike does… and if they can’t even do that… they’re not truely core they’re just turning a cheap profit… which is what some people sadly do with their american dream… but that’s their right and a that’s the extent of their dream… nike is big, they make some crap but they also make the best shoes around… talk about good marketing and taking advantage of the american dream… the “cores” need to bring a better product to the snowboarding table if they can’t out-specialize a company that dips into everything under the sun… and you should buy their boots not because they’re core but because they are more core than your so called ‘core’ company that didn’t care enough to make a better boot than nike. i’d love to see the ‘core’ companies make it and keep nike at bay… so don’t get your khaki’s all in a bunch, just grind out your anger on some more of the granola and obama that you’ve been drinking.

cody said…

ps…cameron why would you hate someone who has a different opinion than you… a “yo momma” attack? that’s pathetic…you’re entitled to your opinion… but if you don’t like the american way… get out. go to france or something..

Bon Jour or as grounds keeper Willie would say….

All kidding aside with a deep profound respect for all things French I leave you with the final comment from the 2010 Lib tech Skate Banana preview

Sorry guys… I took my 2009 banana out into the wilderness and ran out of toilet paper….c’mon! what else was I going to use to wipe my ass?

Yes! A little over two years in existence. 830,000 page views later. No EXPN coverage and these are my readers. Keep it coming folks stay tuned updates will flow out whenever the hell we feel like it.

4 thoughts on “WTF You Said: Burton Message Board RIP, Nike Snowboard 2010 preview, Skate Banana’s

  1. haha some priceless comments in there. EXPN covering bloggers, then TWbiz regurgitating the story. Sounds to me like the big guys are running out of stuff to write about because they've become stagnate, or bloggers like us have just taken a chunk of their once exclusive pie.Either way keep on keeping on!

  2. cody introduced the nail to the hammer with his post. if your core company isn't putting out the best product and instead just riding the blind fanaticism that seems to come along with corebrobrah marketing than fuck 'em. free market economy, innovate or die and all that shit.

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