South of the North Now Accepting Applications

Several weeks ago I said “South of the North is going on hiatus” and that worked out well. I got to sit back, sip adult pepsis, rehab my broken old bones, spend time with the family and heckle the world of action sports bloggers. Everybody needs a break and I worry about the internets enough at my day job. So a little time not caring about what sneakers were coming out, who was causing and trouble and who was rippin’ was in order. Amongst the more interesting notes I got when i put it up was that several people said “hey can I write/blog for you?”

I thought that was interesting.

“You really want to write for South of the North? You do realize we are not so pro and get by more on fart jokes and low brow humor more so than anything else?” was my reply.

to which they said


OK, happy to have you but I am a big believer in democracy and all things fair I figure why not open it up. So if you wan to be a regular contributor let me know and we’ll work something out. Let me answer a few questions up front

– No I can’t pay you. I don’t get payed for writing this so you can’t get nothing from nothing.

– Skate, Snow and the occasional surf post. All other lifestyle stuff can wind its way in if needed.

– We only re-blog when it’s worthy, hilarious or delicious.

– Opinions & voices need only submit. Seriously we have enough psuedo journalist who blog and try to please everybody. If you love something …you love it. If it sucks or isn’t worth your time … then say so.I view this as the big benefit. You can say what you want, when you want. It’s gotta go through me but f*ck it, a little wild west is good for the soul.

So drop me a line over on or shoot me a note on

Hope to hear from somebody soon and new guests posts are on the way.

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