What the Hell is With All the Bike Stuff

So, I’ve been getting lots of e-mail both from whack jobs in Colorado and elsewhere wondering what all the cycling mumbo jumbo is that’s popping up on South of the North. Well, this is an easy one to answer so I’m going to phone in this last blog post for the weekend.

Back in Feb I went out to Utah to ride, etc. The riding was fun, the friends were good, I learned new things about riding in the backcountry …blah blah blah. On the last day i caught up with an old shop friend from Alpine – Big Josh. While goofing off around Brighton I landed in the backseat and tweaked my left knee. I still had about a month of riding left in front of me if I wanted to tackle it but damn it if my knee didn’t feel way off. Previously in the spring , summer, fall and winter I’ve skated and done some minimal cycling to try and keep from falling apart. Having previously blown on my knees, ankles, lower back, both shoulders and elbows I figure a little exercise with minimal chance of falling is help to my body. The other option would be to try and learn mega ramp at age 36. No thanks.

So starting in March DC had an unseasonably warm spring and it kept on with unseasonably warm temps for awhile. So Why not bring the knee back into shape. Suddenly I was selling a bike and in the three way trade that rivaled Kevin Garnett going to the Celtics I some how ended up with a great new bike and surplus cash. I’m still not quite sure how that worked out but it did. After much heckling I ended entering a race just to see if I could hang with the group. During that race I got my doors blown off. However as the knee slowly was rebuilt I got a little bit better and sure enough I can now hang with the group.

So South of the North now includes some cycling stuff. Why? Because I have this microphone and I can say whatever I want. See it’s that easy. Trust me when you’re knees & back start going on you a bike or swimming will be your salvation. You can only land so much before a systematic breakdown occurs. I guess Yeats and the Roots were right: “things fall apart.” But, the idea here is to not transition and leave skating and snowboarding. Nope, not at all. This is just another layer that has to be completed in order to keep skating and snowboarding. Yep, there is no quitting.

3 thoughts on “What the Hell is With All the Bike Stuff

  1. Very similar to my story this summer. Tore my pcl (in my knee) this winter. So, I've added biking to the mix. The knee injury has kind of been a good thing, I'm stronger and lighter than I've been in years. And, yes, there's no quitting!

  2. "This is just another layer that has to be completed in order to keep skating and snowboarding."So true. Most of us have neglected our bodies over the years and are starting to pay for it now. A little preventive goes a loooong way these days.

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