Hipster Sh*t

Begin being a Cranky Old Man
The funny thing about SOTN is that sometime a line is walked that can quickly veer into the Doucheyland of hipsters. Sneakers, fashion, skating for some reason this wanna be musician, artist, ironic subset of the intelligistia seems to absorb the quirky fun parts of different lifestyle activities. Nothing has really summed up the absurdities better than Look at this Fucking Hipster.

The website is hot chicks with douchebags for the hipster set. I’d guess most of these young-ins are just following the style of “if I dress shitty it’s ironic” Then again maybe they are so hip it fucking hurts. I’m unsure but I also don’t really care. Look at this Fucking Hipster is just pretty hilarious and of course next time some douche on a pimped out Felt track bike with Deep V wheels wipes out in front of me I’ll make sure to get his pic for the site. Shmucks.
End being a Cranky Old Man

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