Dakine Tiki Tour Videos

Mr. OMK himself asked… “hey wanna see something cool?’ I said “sure” and now you can to. Click on over to the Dakine Skate Site to see the latest well documented skate excursion from the crew at Dakine. Nice pull with getting Lungfish in there gang.

Check out the new “TIKI TOUR” video at http://www.DAKINE.com/skate, featuring Brent Atchley,
Sierra Fellers, Chris Haslam, and Paul Machnau on a two-week tour of Oahu and Maui, Hawai’i, where DAKINE was founded. Download the iPod version and watch it anytime you want!

A big mahalo to all the skaters in Hawai’i, T&C and Hi-Tech shops, and Viva Voce of Barsuk Records, Phantogram, Say Hi, Rifle, Born To Busk and Lung Fish of Dischord, for providing the killer soundtrack.

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