Going on Hiatus

Hi Everybody,
I’ve been thinking about and what’s next for about six weeks now. Basically the next step is I am putting updates on hiatus for a few months. When I started South of the North it was almost a joke. But, I had lots of fun writing and over time it grew into it’s own voice however life happens. I’ve become busier over the past few months at work and at home. That couple with two new projects have left South of the North dwindling. That’s not good.

So, for the next few months, South of the North is going on hiatus and then coming back in a different way. It will likely be a piece of something else and something I’m excited to have in planning. So thanks for checking in and please shoot me a note as always if you want to catch up. There’s a module in the left rail that ill allow you to contact me. Also, please feel free to check me on Twitter from time to time as that gets updated on a regular basis.

– Jonny

6 thoughts on “ Going on Hiatus

  1. Jonny,When you told me I couldn't imagine not having SOTN around and I was sad that it wouldn't be, but I know life is busy for you and that sometimes a break is good and wish you the best with the future of it…you've done a great job with the blog, always a pleasure to read and always a good guy. I can't wait to meet you someday.

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